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Eek-A-Mouse ‎– The Very Best Of Eek-A-MouseG…

Eek-A-Mouse ‎– The Very Best Of Eek-A-Mouse
Greensleeves Records ‎– GREL 105
Vinyl LP, Compilation

Found this one at a record fair recommended by Andrew Andrew J Rossiter of ORG Music.  Delicious Vinyl, Ninja Tune and Brainfeeder were there as well as  a few folks with used stacks.  This one was spinning out of a silver trailer which housed a small portable record shop named Box Records. I don’t come across much Eek-A-Mouse so I literally bought it off the turntable.  That was cool.  Delicious Pizza, the actual pizza?  Ghetto slice.


Quincy Jones , feat. Little Richard, Roberta…

Quincy Jones , feat. Little Richard, Roberta Flack, Doug Kershaw, Don Elliott Voices ‎– Dollar$ (Music From The Original Motion Picture Sound Track)
Reprise Records ‎– 2051, Reprise Records ‎– MS 2051

Just a matter of time before I tracked it down, one of those holes in the collection that just hasn’t filled until now.  Amoeba gold, again.  

LISTEN: Quincy Jones – Money Runner

Frank Zappa ‎– Ship Arriving Too Late To Sav…

Frank Zappa ‎– Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch
Barking Pumpkin Records ‎– FW 38066
Released:Jun 1982

When I began replacing my FZ cds for wax I’d convinced myself I didn’t need most of his 80s output, only Jazz From Hell and the classical record he did with London Symphony Orchestra.  I was wrong, of course.  I’ve been buying em whenever I see them priced reasonably, Zappa people have very big eyes.  Saw a copy at Amoeba Hollywood, seemed like a perfect place to buy the album with “Valley Girl” on it. Plus, Vai’s impossible guitar parts…

LISTEN: Frank Zappa – Valley Girl

Thou  ‎– Baton Rouge, You Have Much To Answe…

Thou  ‎– Baton Rouge, You Have Much To Answer For
Robotic Empire ‎– robo089
Vinyl, 12", EP,  
Released:2009 (2014 Reissue)

Came back from the L.A. Record Crawl with some metal.  Looked hard for Manowar and almost took home my first Death lp, but then I came across Thou and Christion Troxell’s constant hounding made the decision for me.  Thou is his favorite band and he won’t let anyone rest until they buy some, so I did.  I get it; this is dense as fuck.  Fans of Earth are gonna dig this, the brown note is in full effect.

LISTEN: Thou – Out Of The Mouth Of A Fool

Eric B. & Rakim ‎– Follow The LeaderUNI …

Eric B. & Rakim ‎– Follow The Leader
UNI Records ‎– UNI-3
Vinyl, LP, Album

Last dig on the last stop of the L.A. Record Crawl.  BOOM!  A clean original pressing, courtesy of Permanent Records.  The hip hop section of the VJ Archive still has a ways to go before it reaches a level I’m satisfied with; finally getting my hands on some Eric B. & Rakim is a major step forward.  Now I gotta find some Pete Rock….


Eric B. & Rakim – Follow The Leader

Neil Young ‎– TransGeffen Records ‎– GHS 201…

Neil Young ‎– Trans
Geffen Records ‎– GHS 2018
Released: 1982

More loot from last week’s L.A. Record Crawl.  I’ve long read about how reviled “Trans” was among Neil Young fans, especially upon its release.  Think “Man Metal Machine” or “Lulu” in terms of blowback by the fanbase who want the same record every year.  This is a first needledrop for me after finding a clean copy at Amoeba Hollywood.  I hear Giorgio Moroder and Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Daft Punk in terms of the sound stew, and I can’t find fault in any of it.  It’s not “Harvest” or “Tonight’s The Night”, is that a bad thing? In fact, the 80’s electro reboot of “Mr. Soul” sounds pretty damn sweet. Not sure Neil Young knows how to make a bad record, even if it doesn’t sound like you want it to.  Big score and big discovery for me, happy to include in the Neil stacks of the VJ Archive.  Now if could find a copy of “Arc/Weld” and “Dead Man”… They also don’t fit the mold and they’re also both awesome. Neil Young doesn’t care what you or I think, he will do what he wants and we will eventually come around.  It’s worked so far, hasn’t it?


Neil Young- Mr. Soul

Aretha Franklin ‎– SparkleAtlantic ‎– SD 181…

Aretha Franklin ‎– Sparkle
Atlantic ‎– SD 18176

Paying my respects.

LISTEN: Sparkle

Bob James ‎– Hands DownTappan Zee Records ‎–…

Bob James ‎– Hands Down
Tappan Zee Records ‎– FC 38067
Vinyl LP, Gatefold

More loot from the VJ L.A. Record Crawl.  This Bob James lp certainly shows its early 80s vintage with the drum programming and synth presence but the drumming is funky, the synths are squishy and the basslines are PHAT!  Think soundtrack to Miami Vice or those awesome/awful Golan-Globus VHS action movies involving cocaine shipments by speedboat, and perhaps ninjas.


Bob James – Janus [1982]

Kanye West ‎– The College DropoutRoc-A-Fella…

Kanye West ‎– The College Dropout
Roc-A-Fella Records ‎– B0002030-01, Hustle. ‎– B0002030-01, Handprint Entertainment ‎– B0002030-01
2 × Vinyl LP
Released: 2004 (20?? Reissue)

VMP garage sale.  Had to know. I don’t get it, the music.  I don’t care about the rest, I don’t have to live with him and I actively keep away from reading TMZ type nonsense, but the music was something I wanted to separate from the rest.  I’m not a hip hop “expert” by any means, never will be, but I don’t get it.  It’s not bad but my first needledrop isn’t revealing anything that’s blowing my mind either.  The beats seems kinda pedestrian, the rhymes moreso.  
What am I missing?I’m looking for an actual conversation from folks who have taken the time to LISTEN.  I hear tons of old soul/funk samples and the production clearly has the budget behind it, but I’m just not getting how this blew up up the way it did.
Straight up: If you hate Ye, I don’t care and I don’t wanna hear about it, his character and his wife can be debated elsewhere. In order to discuss the music, you gotta know the music.  That’s the discussion I’m interested in having.Where my Kanye fans at?  Weigh in, we’d love your input.

LISTEN: We Don’t Care

Living Legends ‎– ClassicUp Above Records ‎– U…

Living Legends ‎– Classic
Up Above Records ‎– UPA3084-1
Series:Vinyl Me, Please. Rap & Hip Hop – RH03
2 × LP, Brown Translucent [Brass]
Released: 2005 (Nov 2017 Reissue)

(Mostly) West Coast hip hop collective, heavy on the g-funk tip.  The flow kinda reminds me of Goodie Mob as well but it’s mostly a California vibe, big ole beats with dirty raps over top.  Right up my alley. Plus, it’s VMP so it comes with a beatiful gatefold jacket printed on textured paper, a poster, a dope stencil and that spine porn I dig so much.  Winner

LISTEN:  Living Legends – Classic [Full Album]