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Mavis Staples ‎– Only For The LonelyStax ‎– …

Mavis Staples ‎– Only For The Lonely
Stax ‎– MPS 8539, Volt ‎– MPS-8539
Released: 1970 (1987 Reissue)

Mavis Staples released 2 solo albums for the Stax label; her self titled debut and this one. She’d go on to record some disco for Curtis Mayfield’s Curtom label and even recorded 2 albums for Paisley Park. She’ll always be known mostly for her work with The Staple Singers but her solo stuff is pretty great as well.  Have a listen to “You’re The Fool” (link below), tell me what you think. Classic Stax sound, that.


NEW RELEASE (Reissue)Series: VMP EssentialsMav…

Series: VMP Essentials

Mavis Staples ‎– Mavis Staples
Volt ‎– CR00146
Remastered, Stereo, Orange/Black/White marble, 180 Gram
1969 (Dec 2018


VMP’s been going deep into the Stax/Volt catalog for awhile now.  It’s proven a great way to fill out the holes in the VJ Archive.  Mavis Staples was a great interpreter of the soul standards of the day; had she stuck to her solo career I feel she’d have received a fair bit more recognition. The string and horn arrangements on this album are among the best I’ve heard on any Stax recording, including those of Isaac Hayes.  They’re not quite as drawn out as Isaac’s but it’s not the same vibe either.  Strings make everything sound better.


NEW RELEASE Vinyl Me, Please. Classics – C019…


Vinyl Me, Please. Classics – C019

Muddy Waters ‎– Fathers And Sons
Chess ‎– LPS 027
Released:01 Dec 2018

Coffee, Smoke, Muddy. 
Two spins.  This was a most enjoyable way to spend a Saturday morning.  That little note booklet that comes with each VMP Classics release is pure pleasure; this one may be the best one of all.  Very comprehensive, well researched and well written. The words paired perfectly with the music, fully immersing the listener by providing context and knowledge.  Vinyl Experience: 9.7/10

The music? It’s Muddy Waters. Listen for yourselves; your opinion matters most.  

BEST OF 2018VMP Ltd. #185/500John Prine ‎– T…

BEST OF 2018
VMP Ltd. #185/500

John Prine ‎– The Tree Of Forgiveness
Oh Boy Records ‎– OBR-046
Released: Jun 2018

Singer-songwriters just get better with age.  There is more life to sing about. As they accumulate life experiences from which to draw inspiration, their lens becomes more focused towards the things that matter most.  I heard it happening with Cash and Zevon and a host of others, and now I’m hearing it from John Prine.  New essential Prine?  I think so. Pick it up and drop the needle, do you hear it?


Deep Purple ‎– BurnWarner Bros. Records ‎– W 2…

Deep Purple ‎– Burn
Warner Bros. Records ‎– W 2766
Released: 1974

Classic rock, then. A Deep Purple rabbit hole is a most regular occurence.  All of it, even Bananas.


Deep Purple ‎– In RockWarner Bros. Records ‎…

Deep Purple ‎– In Rock
Warner Bros. Records ‎– WS 1877

Listening to “Bohemian Rhapsody” put me on the classic rock path.  "Child In Time" is probably my favorite “played to death”  epic rock songs.  Maybe Freebird as well. Skynyrd next?


NEW RELEASE (Reissue)Queen ‎– A Night At The…

Queen ‎– A Night At The Opera
Hollywood Records ‎– D000262001
Series: Vinyl Me, Please. Essentials – E071
180g Vinyl, Remastered, Stereo, Multi-Color Galaxy
Released: (Nov 2018 Reissue)

I’ll post it too.  I’ve heard the song way too many times but I’ve never owned “A Night At The Opera”, on any format.  So I turned down all the lights, smoked a joint and listened to “Bohemian Rhapsody” for the first time, on vinyl.
Context is everything.



Impulse! Jazz Bundle Sale (Only 50 Available!)

Alice Coltrane – Journey In Satchidananda
Max Roach – Percussion Bitter Sweet
Archie Shepp – Attica Blues

3 exclusive VMP jazz titles have been made available to ALL VJ members, no VMP subscription required! Matt Hessler asked me to put together a bundle I thought you guys would dig. Then he gave us a discount! All 3 of these lps are AMAZING, very well pressed and great sounding jazz titles. I picked these because I wanted to give you guys a chance to discover the wonderful world of the Black & Orange. Quantities are limited, you guys get first dibs.

P.S. They’re also pretty darn affordable, for the quality of the package you’re getting.


Car Seat Headrest ‎– Twin FantasyMatador ‎– OL…

Car Seat Headrest ‎– Twin Fantasy
Matador ‎– OLE-1092-1
Released: 16 Feb 2018

Anthrax digs Car Seat Headrest.  So do I. 


Amanaz ‎– AfricaNow-Again Records ‎– NA 5123…

Amanaz ‎– Africa
Now-Again Records ‎– NA 5123
2 × LP  
Released: (2015 Reissue)

Zamrock essential!  So happy to finally own a copy.  Now Again always deliver the goods. It’s a label I feel comfortable buying anything from, without listening first.