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Antonio Carlos e Jocafi – Mudei De Ideia (1971)
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1971 Brasilia classic rarity, finally reissued on vinyl! 
Mudei de Ideia is a truly fantastic record that sounds the way it looks – psychedelic rock, samba-funk and tripped out MPB. Features ‘Kabaluerê’ as sampled by Marcelo D2 on his hit ‘Qual e?’. Arranged by Rogerio Duprat, featuring legendary guitarist Lanny Gordin. Antonio Carlos and Jocafi were a very successful and famous Brazilian writing duo, born in Bahia. They worked with the likes of Wilson Simonal, Rosinha de Valença, Trio Mocotó, Milton Banana, Toquinho and more. Originally released on RCA Brazil in 1971, this was the duo’s debut LP. Two versions of the album cover exist in Brazil – this, the psyched-out, burnt out version.


Brittany Howard – Jaime
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