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NEW RELEASE  Nilüfer Yanya ‎– Miss Universe …


Nilüfer Yanya ‎– Miss Universe

2LP, Clear Vinyl

Out today.  Dreamy UK indie pop.  I like it, but the first spin didn’t contain anything that hooked me.  It’s well done but it sounds like a lot of other artists whose names I don’t remember either.  Pitchfork likes it, so you might too.  Give it a listen, let your ears be the judge.


Tom Zé ‎– Estudando O Samba (1976)2019 VMP rei…

Tom Zé ‎– Estudando O Samba (1976)
2019 VMP reissue (Ltd. 500), Mr. Bongo Records

This is unlike any samba record you’ll ever hear.  If John Cage and Captain Beefheart took a stab at completely deconstructing and rebuilding traditional Brasilian musical idioms, they wouldn’t sound nearly as good as “Estudando O Samba” 

David Byrne (Talking Heads) found this album during a trip to Brasil in ‘86.  The rather unique cover art is what drew him in. The liner notes describe it as “what looks like a coiled electric cable meandering its way around barbed wire” Byrne’s curiousity about this record led him to dig deeper, leading to a

Tom Zé compilation which introduced his music to a much wider audience.

Tom Zé was working at a relative’s auto garage before he was plucked from obscurity.  

Music. Is. AWESOME.


Coffee, Smoke, FNMIt’s been a very good moring…

Coffee, Smoke, FNM
It’s been a very good moring so far.  Where my Faith No More fans at?  Do any of you have these Rhino reissues (2015) or the MOV pressings?  I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Hit the comments, let’s talk music.


2 Minute Vinyl Review #12 | James Booker – The…

2 Minute Vinyl Review #12 | James Booker – The Lost Paramount Tapes (1973):

This here is the Louisiana gutbucket funk album you never knew about.
You can smell it. 

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2 Minute Vinyl Review #11 | Captain Beefheart …

2 Minute Vinyl Review #11 | Captain Beefheart – Trout Mask Replica (1968)

Most people don’t get Trout Mask Replica, many hate it.  Some enthusiastically consider it a masterpiece.  Have you heard it?  It sounds like nothing else, that’s for certain.

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Sepultura – Roots (1996)Coffee, Smoke, Brasili…

Sepultura – Roots (1996)

Coffee, Smoke, Brasilia pesado.
Spun my Tim Maia lp a few more times to wake up funky, decided I wasn’t done with Brasil yet.  I bought Sepultura’s  “Roots” on cd back in ‘96 and was immediately floored. While every metal band was looking towards rap and electronics to move forward, Sepultura were changing the game by going backwards to Brasil’s earliest indigenous sounds.  Turns out traditional percussion instruments and tribal chanting were the magic ingredient which helped give Sepultura a sound no other metal band could duplicate. I’m not one for “best of” lists but I know what I like and to my ears, “’Roots” still stands in a class of its own. It took Sepultura from the general thrash/speed metal heap and rightfully made them a national treasure.    


Toquinho – Toquinho (1970)My vinyljunkie crush…

Toquinho – Toquinho (1970)

My vinyljunkie crush with Mr. Bongo Records continues. I’m pretty sure this means I’ll want to track down their entire catalog.  This Toquinho album is more traditional sounding, incorporating acoustic guitar with all those amazing Samba sounds that enchant us.  It kinda reminds me of the soundtrack to “Black Orpheus”, at times. Filmed in 1959, Black Orpheus was the film that first introduced worldwide audiences to Brasilian Carnival and Bossa Nova music.  It won the Palme D’Or at the 1959 Cannes Film Festival. The soundtrack was composed by Brasilian legends Antonio Carlos Jobim and Luis Bonfa.
Yeah, Brasilian tangents happen. I’m high and happy, forgive the rambling. This music takes you places…


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TWO MINUTE VINYL REVIEW | Baby Huey – The Baby Huey Story (1971):

The latest 2 Minute Vinyl Review. If you like funk, you want this.


ZZ Top – Tejas (1976)Purple vinyl (5300 Copies…

ZZ Top – Tejas (1976)
Purple vinyl (5300 Copies)
VJQC Score: 91%

Digging further into Rhino’s 2019 “Start Your Ear Off Right” series of reissues;  decided to skip straight to the ZZ’s.  The album jacket’s kinda flimsy but it opens up into 3 panels and looks awesome.  If you like colored vinyl, that’s done right too, looks and sounds good. I’m safely guessing that Texans can find used ZZ Top lps in abundance, but I live in Canada.  Affordable reissues make my life easier and the VJ Archives happy.
Buy with confidence, much value here.