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VJ Radio | R.I.P. Neil Peart – Real-Time Tribute

Real-time, horrible news.
It was our regular Friday show. Fuck you songs and breaking down bullshit in the music industry.
Then, we learned that Neil Peart had just died, age 67.  
The entire mood shifted. A real-time tribute & love-in happened.

It was magic.

Come relive it with us. R.I.P. Neil Peart, Canada’s flags will fly at half staff for you.

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Original stereo copy, sounds flawless. These are the kinds of records every jazzbo chases after. 

The two great Dames of Jazz, captured live during the 1957 Newport Jazz Festival. Nope, you don’t leave this record behind when you find it.



Essential rock album. Depends who you ask, I guess. I think so.

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Sony Music posts another billion-dollar quarter, as streaming revenues grow 21% – Music Business Worldwide:

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