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Deep Purple ‎– In RockWarner Bros. Records ‎…

Deep Purple ‎– In Rock
Warner Bros. Records ‎– WS 1877

Listening to “Bohemian Rhapsody” put me on the classic rock path.  "Child In Time" is probably my favorite “played to death”  epic rock songs.  Maybe Freebird as well. Skynyrd next?


NEW RELEASE (Reissue)Queen ‎– A Night At The…

Queen ‎– A Night At The Opera
Hollywood Records ‎– D000262001
Series: Vinyl Me, Please. Essentials – E071
180g Vinyl, Remastered, Stereo, Multi-Color Galaxy
Released: (Nov 2018 Reissue)

I’ll post it too.  I’ve heard the song way too many times but I’ve never owned “A Night At The Opera”, on any format.  So I turned down all the lights, smoked a joint and listened to “Bohemian Rhapsody” for the first time, on vinyl.
Context is everything.



Impulse! Jazz Bundle Sale (Only 50 Available!)

Alice Coltrane – Journey In Satchidananda
Max Roach – Percussion Bitter Sweet
Archie Shepp – Attica Blues

3 exclusive VMP jazz titles have been made available to ALL VJ members, no VMP subscription required! Matt Hessler asked me to put together a bundle I thought you guys would dig. Then he gave us a discount! All 3 of these lps are AMAZING, very well pressed and great sounding jazz titles. I picked these because I wanted to give you guys a chance to discover the wonderful world of the Black & Orange. Quantities are limited, you guys get first dibs.

P.S. They’re also pretty darn affordable, for the quality of the package you’re getting.


Car Seat Headrest ‎– Twin FantasyMatador ‎– OL…

Car Seat Headrest ‎– Twin Fantasy
Matador ‎– OLE-1092-1
Released: 16 Feb 2018

Anthrax digs Car Seat Headrest.  So do I. 


Amanaz ‎– AfricaNow-Again Records ‎– NA 5123…

Amanaz ‎– Africa
Now-Again Records ‎– NA 5123
2 × LP  
Released: (2015 Reissue)

Zamrock essential!  So happy to finally own a copy.  Now Again always deliver the goods. It’s a label I feel comfortable buying anything from, without listening first.  


High On Fire ‎– Electric MessiahEntertainment …

BEST OF 2018

High On Fire ‎– Electric Messiah
Entertainment One ‎– EOM-LP-46046
2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Red Opaque, 180gr.
Released: 05 Oct 2018

Pike just gets better with age.  It’s become so I look forward to new HOF albums in the same way I anticipated Iron Maiden releases back in the 80s.  His riffs are as recognizeable as Maiden’s galloping, KK and Tipton’s dual guitar attack or Lemmy’s  Rickenbacker sound.  Pike just always delivers, live and in the studio, no matter which band he’s playing with.  My guess is that Electric Messiah will go down as one of High On Fire’s best efforts. The intensity just doesn’t let up for a second, everything just seems to get bigger and better with everything the man touches.  
And his gut is awesome. Best in showbusiness, him and Randy from Trailer Park Boys


Yehudi Menuhin · Ravi Shankar · Jean-Pierre …

Yehudi Menuhin · Ravi Shankar · Jean-Pierre Rampal ‎– Improvisations – West Meets East – Album 3
Angel Records ‎– SFO-37200
Vinyl, LP, Stereo, Quadraphonic

Final chapter of a 3 album “West Meets East” series of collaborations between Ravi Shankar and Yehudi Menuhin.  There’s a whole lot of tablas on this album as well, sometimes at an almost inhumanly fast pace.  The virtuousity displayed on this is pretty mind boggling.  The cover art and gatefold probably factor in, but this one’s my favorite of the 3.  


Ravi Shankar, Yehudi Menuhin ‎– West Meets E…

Ravi Shankar, Yehudi Menuhin ‎– West Meets East: Album 2
Angel Records ‎– S-36026
Released: 1968

Keep digging.  There are more, and they are glorious.  Angel is an amazing label as well, top notch recordings and great sounding records. Deutsche Grammophon gets all the glory but most of the other big classical labels were just as important.  DG just got the design and marketing better than everyone else, the uniform look of every release immediately strikes a familiar chord with the consumer.  
Sorry, classical tangent. It happens.  

Ace Frehley ‎– SpacemaneOne ‎– EOM-LP-46059(Lt…

BEST OF 2018

Ace Frehley ‎– Spaceman
eOne ‎– EOM-LP-46059
(Ltd 1970 copies) , Orange Vinyl
Released: 19 Oct 2018

I wasn’t expecting to like this album as much as I do. A half dozen spins in, I’d say it’s my second favorite Ace effort since the original solo album. For my taste, “Spaceman” is his strongest effort since Frehely’s Comet. The guitar solos are as good as they’ve ever been; unmistakably Ace.


NEW RELEASE RSD Black Friday 2018 (1500 Copi…

Black Friday 2018 (1500 Copies)

Soul Asylum  ‎– The Twin/Tone Years
Omnivore Recordings ‎– OVLP-311
5 × LP, Compilation
Released: 23 Nov 2018

RAWK!  These 80’s Twin Tone records are rather awesome.  Punk, indie and L.A. metal all rolled into one.