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Rusty Bryant ‎– Fire EaterPrestige ‎– P-1001…

Rusty Bryant ‎– Fire Eater
Prestige ‎– P-10014
Series: Jazz Dispensary Top Shelf Series
Released:1971 (2017 Reissue)

Coffee, Smoke, Fire.  A big ol’ slab of jazz funk, propelled by the beast known as Idris Muhammad, behind the kit.  Craft Recordings started this sub imprint called “Jazz Dispensary”, music viewed through a suggested, but rather vague marijuana/420 type lens.  Their RSD comps are killer as well, very well curated.  I’ll be talking about Jazz Dispensary during tonight’s spin sesh, prepping for Sunday’s Show. Join me at 9PM EST if you wanna hear some tunes and nerd out about music.   Talking with you guys and reading your live comments is the best part, looking forward to it. 

LISTEN: Fire Eater

Dizzy Gillespie Quintet ‎– An Electrifying E…

Dizzy Gillespie Quintet ‎– An Electrifying Evening With The Dizzy Gillespie Quintet
Verve Records ‎– V-8401
Vinyl LP, Mono

Coffee, Smoke, Dizzy.  I’m filing away the last of the Detroit digs, 52 new entries in the VJ Archive.  This original mono pressing of a live performance also features Lalo Schifrin.  Diz on Verve is where it’s at, highest level jazz mastery.

I’m feeling this spin will lead to a more extended Dizzy Gillespie jag.  I’ve not yet taken the time to properly listen to all my albums in sequence.  You always gain better insight into the art, feel more connected to the history.  The more I read and listen, the more I love every aspect of what jazz represents.

LISTEN: Dizzy Gillespie – Kush

NEW RELEASEVinyl Me, Please. Essentials – E0…

Vinyl Me, Please. Essentials – E070

Townes Van Zandt ‎– For The Sake Of The Song
Fat Possum Records ‎– FP1087-3
Vinyl  LP, Album, Remastered, 180 Grams, Translucent Blue, 50th Anniversary Edition
Released:1968 (Oct 2018 Reissue)

Complete Vinyl Experience. The package is flawless.  It looks good, it sounds good, it feels good. The liner notes are engaging and well written, very effective at filling in the details which surrounded the time and place of this recording.  A fully engaging, pleasant experience which succeeds in helping me enjoy a qualitative moment with the music.  
This is what vinyl is.  The table is set, nothing is missing, the ingredients and craftsmanship reward my wish to slow down.


Townes Van Zandt – For The Sake Of The Song [Full Album]

RSD Black Friday 2018: The List

RSD Black Friday 2018: The List

We posted our first VJ poll, asking YOU to choose the content for this show. Here’s what’s on tap:

1- RSD Black Friday: The List
2- Quality Control Matters: An Update
3- Blind Picks From The VJ Archive (New Game!)

Winner chosen! Keep sharing our content, we’ll keep picking winners.  Thanks for your AMAZING support!

Ike & Tina Turner ‎– Workin’ Toget…

Ike & Tina Turner ‎– Workin’ Together
Liberty ‎– LST-7650

More Detroit digs. All Ike & Tina.  All of it.

LISTEN: Get Back

Miles Davis ‎– Miles At The FillmoreMusic On…

Miles Davis ‎– Miles At The Fillmore
Music On Vinyl ‎– MOVLP1051
The Bootleg Series  – Vol. 3
6 × LP, Reissue, 180gr Box Set, Compilation, Ltd Ed
Released: 12 May 2014

It’ll sound good with weed, self-pity and too much alcohol.  Soundtracks to shitty life moments are essential, the rest passes.


Miles Davis- March 7, 1970 Fillmore East, New York City [1st concert]

The Books ‎– Music For A French Elevator And…

The Books ‎– Music For A French Elevator And Other Short Format Oddities By The Books
Temporary Residence Limited ‎– TRR206
2 × 12", Compilation, Limited Edition,  
Released: 2006 (15 Oct 2013 Reissue)

Soundtrack for figuring it out.  I’m bipolar.  Don’t need or want sympathy, we all got our things but this one is mine. Whenever things are in turmoil, I noticed that I often turn to music that doesn’t immediately make sense, if ever. The Books are probably at the top of that list, the wildly disparate puzzle pieces somehow evoke the right things, force my brain to see things in another way. The puzzles of life are infinite, most of us have several going at once.Sometimes, it’s good to move the puzzle pieces around, see the same thing from a different perspective.For me, The Books are the soundtrack to that mindset. Don’t know why, but these albums help.

LISTEN: Music For A French Elevator And Other Short Format Oddities By The Books

Young Widows ‎– DECAYED: Ten Years Of Cities…

Young Widows ‎– DECAYED: Ten Years Of Cities, Wounds, Lightness, And Pain
Temporary Residence Limited ‎– TRR310LP
2 × LP, Compilation, Ltd Ed, White Vinyl
Released: 08 Jun 2018

Any time a band I’ve never heard of makes me think of Quicksand, it’s good.  Any time a drummer’s plodding, tribal beat evokes thoughts of John Bonham, ditto. It’s a lot more than those two things, you can listen and hear for yourselves. Jesus Lizard too!  Doomy/sludgy at times, catchy indie rawk at others. Right up my alley.

LISTEN: DECAYED: Ten Years of Cities, Wounds, Lightness, and Pain

Is there a quality control issue with new viny…

Is there a quality control issue with new vinyl pressings? Seriously, I want honest, no bs feedback. Is this just an exaggeration? 

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Hans Zimmer ‎– True Romance: Original Motion…

Hans Zimmer ‎– True Romance: Original Motion Picture Score
Enjoy The Ride Records ‎– ETR062, Morgan Creek Records ‎– none
Vinyl LP, Ltd Ed Gunmetal Grey Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Purple
Released: 21 Jul 2017

Not to be confused with the soundtrack, which features all the great music associated with every film stamped “Tarantino”.  This is the first ever release of the original score, composed by Hans Zimmer.  For soundtrack collector’s that’s even better.  Great gatefold illustration too. The photo doesn’t capture it but there is spot varnish on various parts of the image, like the mirror and the blood spatter.  Awesome.

LISTEN: Hans Zimmer ‎– True Romance