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Here’s my signed Weird Al album with not one b…

Here’s my signed Weird Al album with not one but two little Als standing guard. For such a funny guy, he looks quite serious; then again, you’d be pretty upset, too, if someone shrunk you down to that size. He’s announced an orchestral tour for next year and given that the last time I saw him my kid wasn’t even a glimmer in my eye and now she’s a teenager, I think a family outing is in order.
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Thanks for all the great stories, Stan. You tr…

Thanks for all the great stories, Stan. You truly were The Man.


Shit and Shine – Bad Vibes. Rocket Recordings. 2018.

Klark Kent was the vanity project of Stewart C…

Klark Kent was the vanity project of Stewart Copeland, the drummer of the Police—which is the kind of shenanigans you can get away with when A) you’re the drummer in a multi-platinum rock band, and B) your brother owns the record company. Copeland put out three singles, all on green vinyl, and an album on 10” vinyl that compiled the singles and added a few other tracks. It’s all quirky pop that’s sort of punk and sort of prog on speed. Adding to the weird vibe is the fact that Copeland played pretty much every instrument himself, which gives it an even more insular feel. Anyway, this was the last one I needed to complete my almost accidental collection of Klark Kent. Whew, I can rest easy now.
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The Monroes were one of those bands that life …

The Monroes were one of those bands that life gave a raw deal to. After slogging away in the clubs for years, they got a record deal with a Japanese label that was expanding to the US, and recorded an EP. instantly, the single from it became a hit, and it’s one of those chirpy 80s pop songs you’ve heard many times in stores or wherever and probably never knew who did it. Just as the track, “What Do All The People Know,” took off, the Japanese label pulled the plug on the US branch, so the band was stuck with a massive radio hit and no records in stores for people to buy. That was pretty much it for them. To be fair, the rest of the EP, which I found the other day, isn’t very good, but that one song is worth the price of admission. Look it up on YouTube—you’ll say “oh yeah, I know that one.” That’s how well-known this virtually non-existent record is.
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A UK import picture disc 7-inch of Joan Jett’s…

A UK import picture disc 7-inch of Joan Jett’s classic cover, “I Love Rock n Roll.” It holds up to this day. I found out last spring that she used to live in my town years ago, so I found out where and drove by out of curiosity. You might imagine, given her tough image, that it’d be a rough house at the end of a dark alley, but no. This place was a mini version of Tara from Gone With The Wind—a well-appointed Southern Victorian in the leafy part of town, right next to the golf course, thank you very much. Good for her.
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This one is pretty cool—in the late 80s, old-s…

This one is pretty cool—in the late 80s, old-school punk act the Stranglers finally sold out and went adult contemporary with their single “Always The Sun.” To ensure it sold, it was released in the U.K. as a limited-edition picture disc shaped like a Tzolk’in—the official name for the Mayan religious calendar.

Yesterday, I went to New Jersey to speak at a …

Yesterday, I went to New Jersey to speak at a library and hit record stores along the way (and in one case, waaaay out of the way). That main photo was the most amazing thing I saw—a Dunkin Donuts in a deconsecrated church that was attached to the library!
So I hit Vintage Vinyl in Fords (lower left), which I’d heard lots about. Great shop, though everything was about 10% higher priced than elsewhere.
I hit The Record Store, which I didn’t get a photo of. Despite the name, it’s a lousy vinyl shop, but they had the most Funko Pops I’ve ever seen in one place; I spent more there (on the kid’s Christmas presents) than anywhere else yesterday.
Princeton Record Exchange (the white house) was lame but they must have such inventory turnover that there’s no way to really ensure what you’ll find there. The place was PACKED with people.
Lastly, I schlepped all the way to Spin Me Round, whose IG videos have quite a following. I was hoping, quixotically, to find a record that appeared in passing in a video a year ago: the lone album by Milkwood—a folk trio that was The Cars before they went New Wave. It’s so obscure that I was sure no one would have bought it. Alas, I was wrong.
Nonetheless, I did find goodies over the course of the day, the best being the shaped U.K. picture disc of Tears For Fears’ “Head Over Heels” with the impossible-to-find cardboard plinth to stand it up. Great day and I’m glad it’s over!

The Rolling Stones’ 1978 album, “Some Girls,” …

The Rolling Stones’ 1978 album, “Some Girls,” has lots of great songs on it like “Shattered” and “Beast of Burden,” but when it was first released, it looked for a while like it would be best-known for legal issues stemming from its cover. The original cover is on the left and it features the Stones and various Hollywood stars like Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Judy Garland and others, all appearing as if they were in a tacky ad for wigs, because you see them through die-cut windows in the cover sleeve. It’s fun and sort of playful, but the Stones didn’t get permission to use any of the stars’ likenesses, and subsequently got swamped in lawsuits almost immediately. Quickly, the cover was recalled and a new version was put out without the stars; that’s the one on the left. While the original is fairly hard to find, it’s not an expensive record—it’ll set you back about $12-15.
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A nice find today—Simple Minds’ 1984 album, Sp…

A nice find today—Simple Minds’ 1984 album, Sparkle in the Rain, has long been a staple of my collection, but I spotted a copy with the original hype sticker and a Tower Records price tag, all for a mere $3. A nice plus is that it’s the first US pressing—you can tell because if you hold the black vinyl up to the light, it turns out it’s really a deep violet. A&M was experimenting with some special audiophile vinyl back then, and that’s how you spot it. The only other album I know of with it was the first pressing of The Police’s classic Synchronicity.