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I had a business event in Long Beach, CA tonight, so naturally I went there a little early and hit record shops. Dax Records had a small inventory but it was a great, eclectic selection curated by a nice staff. How nice? They were letting film students use the shop for a short for free while I was there. The other shop, Dizzy on Vinyl, had a broader selection of this and that, and I found a few cool items surprisingly cheap. And the decorations inside were wild (shoulda taken a photo). 

I found this gem over the weekend—it’s an unknown but noteworthy record because The Wind in the Willows was the first band of Debbie Harry, the iconic singer of Blondie (“Heart of Glass,” “Call Me,” “Rapture,” etc.). It’s a little odd to hear that voice without spiky guitars and synths behind it, but fun. 

A moment where my home office/playpen is this clean is a moment worth saving for posterity. That’s pretty much all the records in our house…I think. 

Stumbled across a unicorn today: a used record store in midtown Manhattan. RPM Underground is literally around the corner from my old office, located on 54th between Broadway and 8th. It’s been there for seven months and has a solid selection of jazz and classic rock staples. Things are priced to reflect a Manhattan location—most albums seem to be $19.95; a moderately rare copy of Yardbirds spinoff Armageddon was $40 while I’ve typically seen it run $30 or so. Still, given the location—around the block from the HQs of most major record labels—I bet it sees a lot of promos flow in and out, so I’d imagine that despite the small size that it’s worth frequent visits if one is often in the area.
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Everyone quibbles with the selections on Greatest Hits albums and I’m no different. This is a decent collection, gathering most of Crowded House’s good stuff, but it should have been done chronologically and it should have dumped some of those terrible Together Alone tracks (their weakest album) for lost gems on Temple of Low Men, like “Into Temptation.” Also, the omission of “World Where You Live” from the debut album is a sin. Nonetheless, the Woodface album—virtually a greatest hits album all on its own—is well represented and most of the other crowd-pleasing singles are here, too. 

I’d love to keep my 7-inch singles in this gorgeous, ideally sized cabinet. It’s almost perfect except that I don’t have any room for it—and that at $499, it’s $399 overpriced.
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The cool, sparse but vibe-y as hell original version of Joe “King” Carrasco and the Crowns’ classic, “Party Weekend.” I had no idea that this song started out as an indie release back in the day; then again, I was 11 whenI it came out. It really has a Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs feel; so good!

Yes , it’s a record – Barnes and Barnes’ Greatest Hits on an early 80s picture disc. If you’ve ever heard of them, then you know why they chose this ugly image – their big claim to fame is the Dr. Demento standard, “Fish-heads.”

Sure, it only took them 40 years, but their time has come…sort of. 

My Top Nine for 2019: No giant surprises. See-through colored vinyl, cult acts like Gary Numan and Stone Roses, a guest appearance by Robby Krieger, David Byrne’s autograph one Times Square, Maynard’s Puscifier record store in Jerome, Arizona, and the club where I saw Stray Cats play their hometown for 200 people this summer. It was a very good, very blessed year; I hope it was good for you, too.
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