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Sepultura – Roots (1996)Coffee, Smoke, Brasili…

Sepultura – Roots (1996)

Coffee, Smoke, Brasilia pesado.
Spun my Tim Maia lp a few more times to wake up funky, decided I wasn’t done with Brasil yet.  I bought Sepultura’s  “Roots” on cd back in ‘96 and was immediately floored. While every metal band was looking towards rap and electronics to move forward, Sepultura were changing the game by going backwards to Brasil’s earliest indigenous sounds.  Turns out traditional percussion instruments and tribal chanting were the magic ingredient which helped give Sepultura a sound no other metal band could duplicate. I’m not one for “best of” lists but I know what I like and to my ears, “’Roots” still stands in a class of its own. It took Sepultura from the general thrash/speed metal heap and rightfully made them a national treasure.    


Vinyl 101: Tips for Storing your Vinyl Records

Vinyl 101: Tips for Storing your Vinyl Records:

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Buddy Guy & Junior Wells Play The Blues (1…

Buddy Guy & Junior Wells Play The Blues (1972)

Coffee, Smoke, Vinyl
I’ve had this album stuck in my head for about a week now, decades-long earworms are buried deep within the grooves. Finally busting my lp out for a few Sunday spins. Plural, it always goes that way. It’s an unlikely choice but I probably play “Buddy Guy & Junior Wells Play The Blues” more often than any other blues record in the archive. I first bought the cd in the 90′s, during my full-on dig into all things 70s funk related.  Even with a tinier cd jacket, you can’t miss those collars.  This record needs a reissue, I wish more of you had it so we could talk about just how awesome it is.  FUNKY!


ZZ Top – Tejas (1976)Purple vinyl (5300 Copies…

ZZ Top – Tejas (1976)
Purple vinyl (5300 Copies)
VJQC Score: 91%

Digging further into Rhino’s 2019 “Start Your Ear Off Right” series of reissues;  decided to skip straight to the ZZ’s.  The album jacket’s kinda flimsy but it opens up into 3 panels and looks awesome.  If you like colored vinyl, that’s done right too, looks and sounds good. I’m safely guessing that Texans can find used ZZ Top lps in abundance, but I live in Canada.  Affordable reissues make my life easier and the VJ Archives happy.
Buy with confidence, much value here.

Buffalo Springfield – Buffalo Springfield Agai…

Rhino Records “Start Your Ear Off Right” Series
VJQC Score: 94%

Buffalo Springfield – Buffalo Springfield Again (1969)
Rhino Records  ‎– R1 33226M

Rhino Records reissues frustrate me.  Some are well-pressed while others are not. There is no standard on which I can depend upon, as a consumer.  Quality is inconsistent. Some album jackets are made cheaply while others are of a much higher grade. Some releases are properly housed in  poly-lined inner sleeves while others are sleeved in those cheap paper inners that almost immediately scuff up the surface of your new record. it’s almost like different companies are putting them out.  

This one though…. 180 gram vinyl in a proper anti-static sleeve, sturdy album jacket. All in glorious mono.  If you’re looking to replace your old beat up copy or simply wanna fill up your Neil stacks (I get it), buy with confidence.  I’ve spun it a buncha times, the vinyl experience is there.  It’s got all the elements that make it a great slab to pull from the shelves.


Spinning in honor of Mark Hollis, lead singer …

Spinning in honor of Mark Hollis, lead singer of Talk Talk.  See you on the other side, your music makes you immortal.

Scenes from the Record Cave.  Part of the ceil…

Scenes from the Record Cave.  Part of the ceiling, plus stacks. How many covers/spines can you spot?
It’s the vinyl version of “Where’s Waldo?”

Nick Drake – Bryter Layter (1970)

Nick Drake – Bryter Layter (1970)

Anthrax and me are gonna play all 3 Nick Drake lps before shelving them.  See you next month or so, you know I’ll be back to see hear your magic soon.


2 MINUTE VINYL REVIEW | Nick Drake Pink Moon (…

2 MINUTE VINYL REVIEW | Nick Drake Pink Moon (1972):


I’ll start telling you about which albums I think everyone should own. Pink Moon is one of those.
I hope you’re digging the format.




Better Oblivion Community Center ‎– Better Oblivion Community Center
Dead Oceans ‎– DOC188

Digging this.  Singer-sowngwriter, nicely done.  I’ve heard mention of Conor Oberst before, but this is the first time I hear any music.  Anything else I should keep an eye/ear out for?