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catl. “Soon This Will All Be Gone” 2012. catl….

catl. “Soon This Will All Be Gone” 2012. catl. Records. Punk-blues duo from Toronto (who will be playing at one of my favorite Milwaukee bars, Boone & Crockett, next month). Soon This Will All Be Gone is their third album and is steeped in traditional American blues, folk and hillbilly music and then shredded with punk attitude and attack. They cover Robert Johnson on “He’ll Make My Way,” Abner Jay on “Cocaine,” Led Belly on “Goodnight, Irene” and Hasil Adkins on “Get Outta My Car.” But my favorite tracks are their originals like the rollicking “Gotta Thing For You” and the driving blues, organ-infused “5 Miles.”

We saw catl play last summer in Indianapolis at Romanus Records Fest (their latest album, Bide My Time Until I Die, came out on Romanus) and we were blown away: I’m a huge fan of women on rhythm and percussionist Sarah K. not only beats the shit out of her drums (and tambourine, maracas, organ, accordion) she does it standing/dancing which provides an even more dynamic live experience. She takes the lead vocals on several tracks and occasionally shares vocals with singer/guitarist Johnny LaRue, whose voice is exactly the right tone for punk-blues: a little nasal sneer. I think their April performance will be their first time in Milwaukee (though I’m not totally sure) and I can’t wait to see them again. 


Coffee, Smoke, Petty

Coffee, Smoke, Petty

All 4+ hours, over 12 sides.  Need help getting over the hump.  Music is always there.
Happy Humpday, Vinyl Junkies.  Play your records, it’s time well spent.


METALLICA Master Of Puppets. Ultra Rare 1986 F…

METALLICA Master Of Puppets. Ultra Rare 1986 French-only wide centred 7" vinyl single on the New Electric Way label, also including Welcome Home ‘Sanitarium’, within the original picture sleeve featuring the superb album artwork on the front anda great group picture on the reverse. This example has come all the way from Japan where it has been its whole life, the sleeve displays only lightest signs of edgewear and is otherwise in near mint condition, the labels remain clean and thevinyl looks barely played. An absolutely stunning example of this hard to find pressing.

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PET SHOP BOYS Introspective. Rare 1988 US 9-tr…

PET SHOP BOYS Introspective. Rare 1988 US 9-track promotional triple vinyl 12" set including Devices Shep Pettibone Mix and Device Mix, Always On My Mind Shep’s Holiday Mix, Shep’s House & In My House Mix and Domino Dancing Base Remix. Each 12" comes in their own die-cut card sleeve and this copy is still factory sealed with the original numbered stripey title sticker on the front, therefore mint and unplayed.

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LED ZEPPELIN Led Zeppelin IV. Rare 1971 UK fif…

LED ZEPPELIN Led Zeppelin IV. Rare 1971 UK fifth issue 8-track vinyl LP, on the plum & red label with band name at the top, Jimmy Page production credit at the bottom and misprinted ‘Misty Mountain Top’ title, complete with first style textured flipback lyric inner, gatefold picture sleeve with original flipback lyric inner. The sleeve shows just a little edge scuffing & minor general shelfwear, the inner has a seam split along the bottom edge. The vinyl remains in excellent conditionwith just a few light surface scuffs and very little spindle wear to show for its forty five years.

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GONG Angels Egg. Rare 1973 13-track vinyl LP o…

GONG Angels Egg. Rare 1973 13-track vinyl LP on the black & white ‘two virgins’ label, gatefold picture sleeve with the highly sought after 16-page booklet Radio Gnome Invisible – The Mystery Histories ‘written and performed by Gong band and family on earth under the influence of the Mother planet’. The sleeve has just a few spots of discolouration, whilst the all-important booklet is in fantastic condition, secure at the staples [which are still bright] and has just light wear. The vinyl shows just a few very faint scuff marks and is Excellent – ultra cosmick!

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MATCHING MOLE Matching Mole. 1972 UK first iss…

MATCHING MOLE Matching Mole. 1972 UK first issue 8-track LP on a plain orange label, the debut album by the band formed by Robert Wyatt after leaving Soft Machine, also starring David Sinclair [Caravan], Phil Miller & Bruce MacCormick [Quiet Sun]. The cover shows just a few spots of discolouration & the vinyl is Excellent with a little light scuffing with minimal impact on play.

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I’ve always liked the smidge of Gary Numan’s m…

I’ve always liked the smidge of Gary Numan’s music that I know and he always struck me as an interesting guy in articles. Then about 20 years ago, I did a phone interview with him and man, he just irritated the hell out of me with a bunch of answers where he was clearly trying to a provocateur but was too stupid to have any real conception of what he was saying. You couldn’t even be offended because it was the same thing as a two-year-old saying four-letter words; it doesn’t really mean anything because they’re ignorant. But that’s fine, even amusing, in a baby; it’s just annoying in a faded one-hit wonder. “Cars” remains a stone cold classic—the first synth headbanger—but its creator is a moron.

猫 シ Corp. – Palm Mall | Plus100 Records / Geom…

猫 シ Corp. – Palm Mall | Plus100 Records / Geometric Lullaby | 2019 | “Bubblegum” Pink-In-“Minty” Blue | /333

Andre Williams “The Greasy Chicken” b/w “Come …

Andre Williams “The Greasy Chicken” b/w “Come On, Baby” 1957. Fortune Records. Another musical legend gone: R&B great Andre Williams “Mr Rhythm” died on Sunday, March 17th at age 82 (b. Zephire Andre Williams, November 1, 1936).  “The Greasy Chicken” was one of Williams’ early popular recordings, issued on his first record label, Fortune Records which was located in the back of a Detroit barber shop. He released several other popular tracks on Fortune (including “Bacon Fat” and “Jail Bait”) in the 50′s and a few on Chess Records in the 60′s (including “Cadillac Jack” which went to #46 on the R&B chart). In the 70′s Williams collaborated with Parliament, Funkadelic and Ike Turner. The 80′s weren’t kind to him: he struggled with drug addiction and homelessness. However, in the late 90′s and early 2000′s his career had a resurgence when he partnered with several alternative/indie bands like The Sadies, The Dirtbombs and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (“The Black Godfother”). It was during this part of his career renaissance that we got a chance to see Williams – at least once, maybe twice (memories are hazy!). We for sure saw him play Milwaukee’s Cactus Club and might have gone to Chicago to see him as well. At one of these shows he  played ‘The Greasy Chicken” and I recall some lunatic running down a hallway shrieking “greasy chicken! greasy chicken!”