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The Lurkers “Fulham Fallout” 1978. Beggars Ban…

The Lurkers “Fulham Fallout” 1978. Beggars Banquet Records. Fulham Fallout is classic 70′s punk, the debut album from English rockers The Lurkers (who have been dubbed, mostly accurately, “The British Ramones”) and it hit #57 on the UK album charts. It’s such great British punk! Snotty, upbeat, punchy, catchy, full of 3-chord hooks, and, like The Ramones, simple, straightforward rock-n-roll: no pretension, no politics. Also like The Ramones, the songs do start to kind of sound alike after awhile, though The Lurkers mix things up occasionally with the inclusion of the harmonica and glockenspiel (not instruments known for their prevalence in the punk canon) and a cover of Phil Spector’s and The Crystals’ 1963 “Then He Kissed Me,” though The Lurkers cheekily rename it “Then I Kicked Her” and speed it up, a lot. My favorite tracks on Fulham Fallout are “I Don’t Need to Tell Her,” “Shadow” (that single released in 1977 was Beggars Banquet first ever release and influential John Peel named it his #11 song of ‘77) the hyper-beat and aptly titled “Go, Go, Go,” “Self Destruct” (“self-destruct! gonna get fucked!”) and the album closer “Be My Prisoner” that’s intro’d with a great drum solo. They only slow down a little, once, on “Gerald” (this one has the aforementioned harmonica) and it’s probably the most complex songs on the album but also my least favorite.

Beak> ‎– >>>Temporary Residence …

Beak> ‎– >>>
Temporary Residence Limited ‎– TRR309LP
Released: 21 Sep 2018

Work’s just begun on The Record Cave 3.0.  I’ve removed the couch to make room for a whole new addition. I’ll be working towards creating content which focuses on the Vinyl 101 aspect of things.  "Cheapskate Audiophile" kinda describes it; vids providing easy tips that’ll help your setup. I guess this post is the beginning.  Turning my entire workspace upside is stressing me the fuck out, Beak> are soundtracking the anxiety quite adequately.
More soon. 


The Best Of Vinyl 2018 – VMP Picks

The Best Of Vinyl 2018 – VMP Picks

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The Rolling Stones “December’s Children (And E…

The Rolling Stones “December’s Children (And Everybody’s)” released in the US on this date, December 4th, in 1965. It’s a collection of previously released UK singles and album cuts, cover songs and a few new tracks; December’s Children went to #4 in the US in 1966. AllMusic describes the LP as “haphazard” in its assembly but definitely worth having for several of the included tracks, most especially the two hit singles “Get Off My Cloud” (#1 in the both the US and UK) and “As Tears Go By” (US-only release, #6; the Marianne Faithful version went to #9 in the UK in ‘64). Some of the cover songs are pretty great, too, including “Talkin’ About You,” originally by Chuck Berry, which first appeared on the Stones’ Out of Heads, “Look What You’ve Done” by Muddy Waters and a live version of “Route 66″ by Bobby Troup, which appeared on the UK live EP Got Live If You Want It! I also really love “I’m Free” (originally on Out of Our Heads) which The Soup Dragons made into a hit alt-psych raver in 1990.

Bob Williams -” I’m Alright [Part One]” …

Bob Williams -” I’m Alright [Part One]” (Nad-Lyn) – Modern soul winner…

Do you see any of your favourites in here? 👀

Do you see any of your favourites in here? 👀

Sammy Taylor (And Hot As Hell) – “Something Th…

Sammy Taylor (And Hot As Hell) – “Something The Devil’s Never Done” (Red Lite) – Funky breaks!