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A moment where my home office/playpen is this clean is a moment worth saving for posterity. That’s pretty much all the records in our house…I think. 

A Thomas Dolby single that only came out in the US as a CD bonus track 3 years after it was released in the U.K. The reason for the name Dolby’s Can Be is that this was a one-off band with funkmeister George Clinton and pro weirdo Lene Lovich. This is the promo (all white cover), the remix (lower right) and dub mix (lower left).
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A new entry for #autographedalbumaugust, gotten last night in NYC: Thomas Dolby on bookends to his career—the latest compilation of his better-known tracks, and a US promo-only EP before his first album came out. #thomasdolby #pop #synth #newwave #mtv #rock #classicpop #classicrock #autograph #autographs #vinyl #vinyls #record #records #recordcollector #recordcollection #vinylcollector #vinylcollection #synthwave

At the Thomas Dolby show in NYC, and if you can get to see this tour, GO. It’s a storytellers-type show, but it’s almost all stuff you’ve not heard before. Stories that aren’t in the book, it’s a far more entertaining gig than the Sole Inhabitant tour, and the Roland online gig last week barely scratched the surface compared to this. You will NOT be disappointed.

A recent find: A vintage US shaped picture disk for Devo’s “Beautiful World,” providing a nice opportunity for a semi-sleeveface.

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More epic 80s musical vistas, or as one reviewer mockingly put it at the time, “music to march around your bedroom to.” Nonetheless, 15-year-old me bought into Big Country big time. Guitar heroics to spare, drums that sounded like canons going off and endless earnestness sucked me right in. Some of it holds up; a lot of it does not.
However, this is the album that first got me interested in production, so I guess it was my first step on the road to Pro Sound News. Their first UK single flopped, so they re-recorded it for this album and that track became a personal favorite; a few years later, I found that flop single and was amazed at how dull and lifeless it was. I realized that if it was the same song and same band, the difference had to be the producer they worked with—Steve Lillywhite, who also worked with U2, DMB, Simple Minds, Siouxsie and everyone else. A few years back, Lillywhite kindly signed my LP and I got to tell him that story, which he loved. (For the record, drummer Mark Brzezicki also signed it at one point).

“Aliens Ate My Buick” is likely Thomas Dolby’s musical high water mark, despite the attempt at notching another novelty hit with “Airhead”—a plan that massively backfired due to fairly sexist lyrics throughout that don’t quite get squared away by the twist ending, no matter how well intentioned. Regardless, musically, it’s an endlessly inventive album that hops genres throughout, performed by a red-hot backing band. Also, it was so well recorded that to this day, I hear it used to demonstrate sound systems at pro audio conventions all the time. So this photo features my old LP I got when I was a college intern at Capitol Records, a nice DMM pressing from Europe, and a signed promo poster I got when I saw him on the Aliens tour.

Yes! Thomas Dolby just announced the NYC date for his upcoming ‘Storytellers’ show—August 3 at the Cutting Room. And while I’ve booked a ton of gigs for myself in August, coincidentally I have that night off. Sweet. Unrelated side note: The second single from “Aliens Ate My Buick” was “Hot Sauce” (record in the center of the photo), while the third was “My Brain is Like A Sieve” (the B&W one with the snake). He went bald in the space of one single? That had to be a hell of an album cycle.

This track was a little too herky-jerky to be a single so it flopped, but the content didn’t help—a song about authors starting a resistance due to censorship didn’t capture teens’ imaginations quite like a peppy tune about being blinded by science. Adding insult to injury was the fact that the video for this got completely ripped off—and by another act on Thomas Dolby’s own label no less—when Duran Duran made the clip for their horrible “New Moon on Monday.”