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Hawkwind – Space Ritual. United Artists, 1973.

A live double album recorded in Liverpool and Brixton. It has a large foldout sleeve and the records came in these printed inner sleeves.

Lenny of Motorhead fame was with the band at this time.

Gong – Camembert Electrique. 1971. This was one of Virgin Records earliest releases. It was a bargain promo release, released at the very cheap price of 50p in the UK (about a dollar at that time).

Hawkwind – X In Search of Space. 1971

This is Hawkwinds second album release. The original had a great die cut fold out sleeve. This is a later reissue on the EMI Fame label from the late 80’s.

The classic “Master of the Universe” is on this one! 👍

Moon Duo “Silver Bells” b/w “Winter” 2010. Holy Mountain Records, red vinyl. It’s less than a week ‘til Christmas so I guess I’ll spin some holiday tunes, starting off with this dense, heavily fuzzed psychedelic version of the Christmas classic “Silver Bells” by space rockers Moon Duo. Moon Duo are Ripley Johnson (guitar) and Sanae Yamada (keyboards); they describe themselves as “repeat-o rock,” others dub them “moto-drone” and one reviewer writes about their single: “it kind of sounds like a grungy zombie indie rock band with some serious authentic country influence playing through blown out speakers on the moon, while the beat is provided by that old home organ your family owned in the 70s.  Not that that’s a bad thing.” It’s almost refreshing to hear a thick version of the tired classic that’s usually either bright and tinkly or crooning and waltzy. Side B’s “Winter” is just as dense and fuzzy, with heavy echo effects for a super-trippy ride through the hallucination-inducing moonlight dancing on the snow. 

Perhaps – Hexagon. Riot Season Records. 2018.

This came with a CD of the album with alternate mixes. The album is one track per side. Side 2 of the album is a killer piece. Electronic, psychedelic, kraut rock.

I’ll be doing some cooking to this beauty at the weekend!