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Sly and the Family Stone “Stand!” 1969. Today,…

Sly and the Family Stone “Stand!” 1969. Today, March 15th, is Family Stone frontman Sly Stone’s birthday (b. Sylvester Stewart, 1943). Stand! was their fourth album and the group’s most successful, hitting #13 on the Billboard pop chart and #3 on the R&B chart; the Library of Congress selected it for inclusion into the National Recording Registry in 2015. It also had significant impact on future R&B, soul and hip-hop artists, pretty much setting the standard for uplifting, socially critical, hook-laden funk and psychedelic soul. My favorite tracks are the ones I’m most familiar with – the hit singles “Everyday People” (which hit #1 on both the Billboard Hot 100 and R&B charts and is also notable for the lyric “different strokes for different folks”) and its b-side “Sing a Simple Song” (#89 on the pop chart, #28 R&B) which ended up becoming one of the band’s signature songs (and was covered by, like, a million other artists including Prince, Diana Ross and The Jackson 5 and sampled by a million more: Public Enemy, De La Soul, Arrested Development…the freakin’ Spice Girls). Also released as a single was the hit title track “Stand!” which hit #13 on the Hot 100 chart and #14 on the Hot Soul chart in ‘69. Its b-side “I Want to Take You Higher” also became a top 40 hit in 1970 (#34, #24 on the R&B chart), likely propelled by the Family Stone’s inclusion of the song onto its Woodstock setlist in the summer of ‘69. (Ike & Tina Turner’s cover was even bigger hit, going to #25, also in 1970.) From Allmusic: “Stand! winds up infectious and informative, invigorating and thought-provoking – stimulating in every sense of the word.”

Cookin’ Bag – “This Is Me” (Solid Gold) …

Cookin’ Bag – “This Is Me” (Solid Gold) – Cookin’ indeed

2 Minute Vinyl Review #9 | Betty Davis – Betty…

2 Minute Vinyl Review #9 | Betty Davis – Betty Davis (1973):

Anthrax bit me.

Get It On Vinyl

Buddy Guy & Junior Wells Play The Blues (1…

Buddy Guy & Junior Wells Play The Blues (1972)

Coffee, Smoke, Vinyl
I’ve had this album stuck in my head for about a week now, decades-long earworms are buried deep within the grooves. Finally busting my lp out for a few Sunday spins. Plural, it always goes that way. It’s an unlikely choice but I probably play “Buddy Guy & Junior Wells Play The Blues” more often than any other blues record in the archive. I first bought the cd in the 90′s, during my full-on dig into all things 70s funk related.  Even with a tinier cd jacket, you can’t miss those collars.  This record needs a reissue, I wish more of you had it so we could talk about just how awesome it is.  FUNKY!


Ray Frazier and The Shades Of Madness – “Gonna…

Ray Frazier and The Shades Of Madness – “Gonna Get Your Love” (Chess) – Heavyweight soulful funk jam.

Breakestra always knew how to ride a groove—an…

Breakestra always knew how to ride a groove—and so does my phonograph needle! After years of searching IRL, I gave up and found this classic side on eBay for a mere $6. I think the warping may be my own fault; I used a hairdryer to get a 20-year-old price sticker off the label. Even so, “Getcho Soul Togetha Part II” is still as delicious as ever!
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Ray Godfrey – “I Gotta Get Away” (Spring) – Su…

Ray Godfrey – “I Gotta Get Away” (Spring) – Sunday vibes…

Vinyl only

Vinyl only

Pier Rosier Et Son Groupe Gazoline ‎– Ba Nou Lan Min (1986)
Stephane Sévérac ‎– Hold On (1987)
Clive Stevens & Brainchild – Mystery Man (Special Disco RMX) (2018)
Sade ‎– Super Bien Total (1988)
Christin’ Audhuy ‎– Histoire De Corps (1987)
Stereo – Moonshine (1985)
Bô’vel ‎– Check 4 U (1996)
Ed Chorusno – Tell Me When (2017)
Mori-Ra – No One Knows (2017)
Dennis Edwards – Don’t Look Any Further (1984)
Dalla / Morandi – Dimmi Dimmi (1988)
Keysha – Stop It! (Unknown)
Kleeer – Tonight (1984)
Maureen ‎– Tu Me Tues (Dance Mix) (1988)
Kassem Mosse – MPCDEEPLIVEDIT (2017)
Véronique & Davina ‎– Un Goeland Nommé Jonathan (1982)

Gloria Jay – “Know What You Want” (Stage Prod….

Gloria Jay – “Know What You Want” (Stage Prod.) – Mellow modern soul vibes

Patrice Holloway – “Evidence” (Capitol) – Sist…

Patrice Holloway – “Evidence” (Capitol) – Sisterfunk