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Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Trout…

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Trout Mask Replica (1969)

I can’t believe I got Anthrax to stick around long enough for me to frame a shot.  Trout Masks and kitty cats go well together. This Beefheart lp is a straight masterpiece of music art.  Seeing that Third Man Records is releasing it for Record Store Day 2019, I’m thinking of doing a 2 Minute Vinyl Review on it.  I don’t know what I’m gonna say, but it’s virtually impossible to be boring.


NEW RELEASE (SOLD OUT!)Vinyl Me, Please Excl…

Vinyl Me, Please Exclusive Pressing (#132/300) 

Minami Deutsch ‎– With Dim Light
Guruguru Brain ‎– GGB-016LP
Vinyl LP, transparent With Black Haze

Released: (Dec 2018 Reissue)

Track 1, side 2 = purest Can worship. 
This. Is. AWESOME!!!
This one’s long gone as well, no sponsored link available, sorry. The music link tho… do yourselves a favor and marvel at the Krautrock perfection that is Minami Deutsch.


NEW RELEASE (SOLD OUT!) Vinyl Me, Please Excl…


Vinyl Me, Please Exclusive Pressing (#186/300) 

Kikagaku Moyo ‎– House In The Tall Grass
Guruguru Brain ‎– GGB-008LP
Released: (Dec 2018 Reissue)

Very Donovan/Flower Power vibe on this GuruGuru Brain release.  Already on its seventh pressing and seemingly impossible to track down new.  I’d include a buy link for this lp as well but they’re already all gone!  Smoke a shisha and think paisley thoughts, you’ll zone in on what Kikagaku Moyo are laying down.


The Sound Of Feeling – “Along Came Sam” (Limel…

The Sound Of Feeling – “Along Came Sam” (Limelight) – Trippy

NEW RELEASEVMP Exclusive (500 copies)Haruomi…

VMP Exclusive (500 copies)

Haruomi Hosono ‎– Hosono House
Light In The Attic ‎– LITA173
Vinyl, LP, Light Blue wax
Released: (2018 Reissue)

More Hosono magic.  So thrilled these Japanese rarities have finally been reissued.


Haruomi Hosono – Hosono House (1973)

NEW RELEASEVMP Exclusive Pressing (500 copie…

VMP Exclusive Pressing (500 copies)

Tadanori Yokoo & Haruomi Hosono ‎– Cochin Moon
King Records ‎– LITA-174
Vinyl LP,  Blue Translucent wax
Released: 1978 (2018 Reissue)
FINALLY!  The Hosono reissues came in today!  This one’s warped enough to give me motion sickness, but it plays well.  Does that make it a defective record or no?  Should it be sold or held back by QC?  I don’t know anymore…  The music is everything I wanted, couldn’t be happier with the sound.  The packaging is beautiful as well.  Watching the record spin causes nausea.  

So, is there legit reason to be dissatisfied or am I making too much of it? Should VJ be making you aware of these things or does it detract too much from our main goal, which is the music itself?  You tell me, the floor is yours.

LISTEN: Haruomi Hosono – Cochin Moon (Full Album) 

NEW RELEASE (Reissue) Rhino 2018 “Rockt…


Rhino 2018 “Rocktober” Series

Love ‎– Revisited
Elektra ‎– RCV1 74058
Vinyl LP, Compilation, Gatefold, Red
Released:1969 (2018 Reissue)

This is beautiful. They gave this comp the Stoughton tip-on experience.  From a tactile point of view, it makes the entire experience of opening the gatefold and reading the liner nores more pleasurable.  A well rounded primer into the Love catalog.  Fans of 60’s flower/psych/garage sounds have likely already dug deeper into their catalog, but “Revisited” is a good spot for the curious to start the rabbit hole.  "Forever Changes" tho…  That’s the one.

LISTEN:  Love – My Little Red Book [1966]

MOODY BLUES In Search Of The Lost Chord. 2018 …

MOODY BLUES In Search Of The Lost Chord. 2018 UK limited edition on-line only exclusive 12-track LP pressed on Audiophile quality 180 Gram Psychedelic Multi-Coloured Vinyl. One of the all-time classic albums of 60s Psych gets a welcome 50th anniversary reissue, the groups third studio album originally released on the 26th July 1968, including the singles Voices in the Sky and Ride My See-Saw; within a single pocket picture sleeve featuring the original artwork and remains factory sealed in the hype stickered shrink.

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Strawberry Alarm Clock ‎– Wake Up…It&…

Strawberry Alarm Clock ‎– Wake Up…It’s Tomorrow
Sundazed Music ‎– LP-5439
Vinyl LP, 180 Gram colored vinyl
Released: 1968 (2013 Reissue)

“Incense And Peppermints” contained their (only) smash hit, but I think I dig their followup album more.  It’s more ambitious, reaching for Zombies and Beach Boys while retaining Monkees and Turtles.  Top-shelf, digestible but substantive 60’s pop psych with melodies and weirdness to spare.  I could play this for my 12 year old and know she’ll dig it for the same reasons she dug The Monks or The Archies, when she was a toddler.  On the other side of things, any hardcore fan/collector of 60’s psych either has or wants this lp in their stacks.  Or they haven’t checked it out yet.  Link below, for the curious.  


Strawberry Alarm Clock “Pretty Song From Psych-Out”


CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND Sure ‘Nuff ‘N Yes I Do. Original 1968 French wide centred 7" single, also featuring ‘Yellow Brick Road’, complete with a unique fully textured flipback picture sleeve with a black & white version of the fisheye lens artwork from Safe As Milk. This is an archive copy from the famous RTL Radio Library in Paris. The rear cover has a radio stamp & a catalogue number annotated in the top right corner on the back & the labels are catalogue stickered either side from the radio archives. The sleeve is Excellent with a little light age wear & the vinyl appears barely ever played. A great find.

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