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Stumbled across a unicorn today: a used record store in midtown Manhattan. RPM Underground is literally around the corner from my old office, located on 54th between Broadway and 8th. It’s been there for seven months and has a solid selection of jazz and classic rock staples. Things are priced to reflect a Manhattan location—most albums seem to be $19.95; a moderately rare copy of Yardbirds spinoff Armageddon was $40 while I’ve typically seen it run $30 or so. Still, given the location—around the block from the HQs of most major record labels—I bet it sees a lot of promos flow in and out, so I’d imagine that despite the small size that it’s worth frequent visits if one is often in the area.
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This past weekend’s sweet find: The rare first record released by Television, pre-major label. The song was so long, they had to cut it in half and put it on both sides! It’s cool to hear, though, because the weird, off-kilter magic of their guitar interplay and acrid vocals was already there even at this early stage. 

Wandering through New York City the other day,I passed this spot—the corner. 3rd and Sullivan in Greenwich Village. The unique iron fence gives it away that this is where the cover to Neil Young’s After The Gold Rush album was shot.

So this happened the other night after I went to see American Utopia on Broadway: David Byrne signed my prized Japanese pressing of Talking Heada’ Stop Making Sense, a top-five all-time favorite if there ever was one. 

My beloved walked by this place, Turntable Retro Bar, on 33rd in NYC today when its windows were open because of the heat. Once she saw the inside, she ran in and took all these photos to send to me because it was jammed with records and all kinds of cool, ancient tech. She’s awesome. Next time I’m in town, I’m grabbing a pint at this place!

Today, I spent about 6 hours walking around Manhattan, taking shots for my upcoming Rock N Roll Landmarks Of New York library program. Anyone want to guess the significance of this place? Minor Hint—an album released on vinyl.