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Sure, it only took them 40 years, but their time has come…sort of. 

Alice Cooper ‎– Alice Cooper’s Greatest Hits
Warner Bros. Records ‎– BSK 3107
Released: 1977

I slept through it. Not the first time either.  I prefer getting up bright and early on the first day of the new year, spending the first few hours by myself as the family sleeps. It’s a ritual I’ve come to enjoy and it’s happened often enough for it to feel familiar by this morning. 

Since about ‘86 I’ve put way too much thought into which album would receive the distinction of soundtracking the first musical moments of the new year.  This year it came down to whatever song I was singing in my head, when I woke up.  

Hello Hooray
Let the show begin, I’ve been ready…

That’s just about the best frame of mind I could think of waking up to.  365 new opportunities to make whatever difference we can. 

My Vinyl Junkies family is pretty important to me; you all matter.  Your records, your stories, your spinning rituals.  Each post is a living, breathing wikipedia twitter stream of personal knowledge and experience, all tied up in your record collection.

Someone understands me…

Art brings people together. It is the best face humanity has to offer. Even when it’s ugly and sad and painful, it’s still beautiful and necessary.
Our connection to music isn’t just a pastime.  Our records aren’t just a collection of things. They allow us to attach memories and moments to an artifact that immediately records them for posterity.  Whenever you pull out an album, your personal history comes attached. Over the years, with each subsequent spin, these moment accumulate and the record takes on more meaning.  Real value, the type that can’t be replicated with Spotify or looked up on Discogs. The attachment runs deeper.

Thank you all for making 2018 a very rewarding year.  Work on 2019 begins immediately. Slow down. Enjoy it, one side at a time. Those moments add up and they have meaning, as all qualitative experiences do.

Happy New Year
Keep Spinning