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I found this gem over the weekend—it’s an unknown but noteworthy record because The Wind in the Willows was the first band of Debbie Harry, the iconic singer of Blondie (“Heart of Glass,” “Call Me,” “Rapture,” etc.). It’s a little odd to hear that voice without spiky guitars and synths behind it, but fun. 

The cool, sparse but vibe-y as hell original version of Joe “King” Carrasco and the Crowns’ classic, “Party Weekend.” I had no idea that this song started out as an indie release back in the day; then again, I was 11 whenI it came out. It really has a Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs feel; so good!

Sure, it only took them 40 years, but their time has come…sort of. 

I spotted this at Trader Joe’s and while it’s amusing, what really caught my eye was the fonts they used. It may be intended to be a jokey throwback to the Eighties, but it was probably designed by someone who doesn’t have any personal recollection of that era. I say that because the fonts used are lifted from 2002’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which was an Eighties-styled “Miami Vice”-esque edition of the ongoing video game series. The person designing this was actually drawing on nostalgia for the early 2000s’ nostalgia for the Eighties, adding to an increasingly fractured collective recollection of the era as viewed through a prism of ensuing ages of pop culture.
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This UK shaped picture disc is for an artsy track, “Taking The Veil,” from David Sylvian’s double LP, “Gone To Earth.” This song is less out there than some tracks on the album, but in all, the album was his headlong departure from the mainstream. Robert Fripp adds some fascinating guitar atmospheres and it’s a pretty cool, mellow track but basically this had no business being a single. Somebody at the record company must have realized it though, because they put this picture disc out, as well as other gimmicky versions like a 12” single of it literally autographed by Sylvian himself, in hopes of getting this song on the charts. 

Interesting one I found a week or two back—a UK 7” picture disc with a pop-up sleeve (How cool is that?!) of “Julia” from Eurythmics’ forgotten soundtrack to the forgotten mid-80s adaptation of “1984.” This was a whopping $1.99 and worth every penny. (Thanks, @infinityrecordsltd )

Here’s the rare (and not particularly good-sounding, thanks to blown-out mics) Canadian interview promo LP for the surprisingly musically challenging Duran Duran spin-off, Arcadia. Not cheap and a PITA to find. 

Another hit that didn’t age well: Genesis’ “Illegal Alien.” Phil Collins sings it in a stereotypical Mexican accent and while his character is actually looking to emigrate to the US legally, he’s also drinking tequila for breakfast and offering to pimp out his own sister if it will help him get over the border. Yuck. This is the UK shaped picture disc, featuring Phil and the boys sporting stereotypical bushy mustaches, because OMG. 

Ultravox, produced by George Martin and recorded by Geoff Emerick!
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