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Bit Brigade – Mega Man 3 | Hello Sir Records | 2019 | Blue & White Swirl

Savaged Regime – Xeno Crisis | Bitmap Bureau | 2019 | Black

I had a business event in Long Beach, CA tonight, so naturally I went there a little early and hit record shops. Dax Records had a small inventory but it was a great, eclectic selection curated by a nice staff. How nice? They were letting film students use the shop for a short for free while I was there. The other shop, Dizzy on Vinyl, had a broader selection of this and that, and I found a few cool items surprisingly cheap. And the decorations inside were wild (shoulda taken a photo). 

Kuniaki Haishima – Kowloon’s Gate Soundtrack | Great Tracks | 2019 | Red Translucent

I found this gem over the weekend—it’s an unknown but noteworthy record because The Wind in the Willows was the first band of Debbie Harry, the iconic singer of Blondie (“Heart of Glass,” “Call Me,” “Rapture,” etc.). It’s a little odd to hear that voice without spiky guitars and synths behind it, but fun. 

Kevin Penkin – Florence | iam8bit | 2019 | Yellow | /1000

Leprous – Pitfalls | Inside Out Music | 2019 | White | /400

Calum Bowen – Pikuniku | Ghost Ramp | 2019 | Red Translucent | /1000

A moment where my home office/playpen is this clean is a moment worth saving for posterity. That’s pretty much all the records in our house…I think. 

Kristofer Maddigan – Selected Tunes From Studio MDHR’s Cuphead | iam8bit | 2019 | Black