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Killing Joke – Killing Joke | Music On Vinyl |…

Killing Joke – Killing Joke | Music On Vinyl | 2019 | Orange Marble | /2500

METALLICA Master Of Puppets. Ultra Rare 1986 F…

METALLICA Master Of Puppets. Ultra Rare 1986 French-only wide centred 7" vinyl single on the New Electric Way label, also including Welcome Home ‘Sanitarium’, within the original picture sleeve featuring the superb album artwork on the front anda great group picture on the reverse. This example has come all the way from Japan where it has been its whole life, the sleeve displays only lightest signs of edgewear and is otherwise in near mint condition, the labels remain clean and thevinyl looks barely played. An absolutely stunning example of this hard to find pressing.

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METALLICA 1983-2016 Studio Albums. Great set o…

METALLICA 1983-2016 Studio Albums. Great set of Eleven UK CDs comprising the studio albums from their debut release, Kill ‘Em All, up to their latest, Hardwired… To Self-Destruct, allong with the S&M live double album; each within their own jewel case with picture sleeve & back inlay. Perfect for the for the casual fan to pick up the lot in one swoop!!

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Morbid Angel – Domination (1995)

Morbid Angel – Domination (1995)

Starting the week off hard. I’ve yet to replace most of my death metal cd collection, it’ll take awhile. The 2016 Rocktober reissue of this Florida Death Metal classic brings me one closer.  If you guys wanna suggest more bands or albums from the Florida DM scene, past or present, I’m all ears.  It’s gotta be on wax, vinyl matters.


Coffee, Smoke, FNMIt’s been a very good moring…

Coffee, Smoke, FNM
It’s been a very good moring so far.  Where my Faith No More fans at?  Do any of you have these Rhino reissues (2015) or the MOV pressings?  I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Hit the comments, let’s talk music.


Rifflord –  7 Cremation Ground / Meditation (…

Rifflord – 

7 Cremation Ground / Meditation (2018)

Propulsive space metal, with left turns at doom and blues and prog metal.  The Sabbath “Easter eggs” can be heard throughout both sides.  Amazing for some, derivative and unessecary for others. This is a most enjoyable spin, the groove is evident, mushrooms would pair nicely as a side dish. I have a feeling Rifflord’s best work is still ahead of them, preferably without Easter eggs.


Sepultura – Roots (1996)Coffee, Smoke, Brasili…

Sepultura – Roots (1996)

Coffee, Smoke, Brasilia pesado.
Spun my Tim Maia lp a few more times to wake up funky, decided I wasn’t done with Brasil yet.  I bought Sepultura’s  “Roots” on cd back in ‘96 and was immediately floored. While every metal band was looking towards rap and electronics to move forward, Sepultura were changing the game by going backwards to Brasil’s earliest indigenous sounds.  Turns out traditional percussion instruments and tribal chanting were the magic ingredient which helped give Sepultura a sound no other metal band could duplicate. I’m not one for “best of” lists but I know what I like and to my ears, “’Roots” still stands in a class of its own. It took Sepultura from the general thrash/speed metal heap and rightfully made them a national treasure.    


Motörhead – Rock n’ Roll (1986)2015 ReissueV…

Motörhead – Rock n’ Roll (1986)
2015 Reissue
VJQC Score: 65%

I bought this album brand new, a few months back. Won’t comment too much on the music; I obviously thought the art is worthy of purchase.  It’s 

Motörhead, Lemmy is God and a music link is included below.  
I am dissatisfied with my purchase.  The VJQC score of 65% is based on my personal vinyl copy, which I purchased new.

The Good

  • It sounds good.  I don’t expect audiophile Lemmy, It’s not even an expectation.  As far as metal records go, it’s fine.
  • It’s cheap.  Affordable matters

The Bad

  • It’s warped. Space can be seen between the record and the turntable platter, when it spins.
  • Paper scuffs and other marks on both sides of the vinyl surface.  The fact that the record came sleeved in a paper sleeve is directly to blame fot that.  Why do they do that?  It’s like wrapping a sandwich in newspaper, and it just means I gotta go buy a proper polylined inner sleeve.

The Ugly

  • This record is not centered.  You can see the tonearm sway from side to side, while it spins.. Combined with the warp, it’s completely destroyed my vinyl experience.   If your brand new car had a permanent issue with its steering alignment, would you be okay with it? This is completely unacceptable, for me. 
  • Visible surface bumps on the surface of both sides. Again, I think this is unacceptable.  It’s a new record ferchrissakes!  If you bought a new car and it had a few dents, would you be cool with it?  But it drives so nice! No wait, the steering is also off…


It’s cheap and it sounds fine, but playing it on wax is a complete bummer.  If I just wanted the music, streaming would have been fine.  I bought it on wax because I wanted a more immersive experience with the music I love.  This physical product is horrible.  I wasn’t able to track down where it was pressed (help welcome!) but Discogs tells me that the record label (Sanctuary) licensed this out to INgrooves.  Until I see different, I’m not buying any vinyl records associated with INgrooves. Their product is not concurrent with my QC expectations of what a vinyl record should play like. 

So, is this a fair assessment?  Do these details also matter to you, when shopping for new records, or am I just way too OCD?  I’m curious to read your responses and engage in conversation. 


Tool – 10,000 Days (2006)

Tool – 10,000 Days (2006)

Yes, it’s a bootleg, purchased before I realized. To my knowledge, this album has yet to receive an official vinyl release.  Tool announced some dates for a U.S. tour earlier today and confirmed that their latest album is currently being mastered.
It still doesn’t mean it’ll come out any time soon.  I’ve stopped putting any credence behind any news involving Tool; at this point  it just feels like they’re fucking with us.


MOTORHEAD Bastards. Rare archive quality 1993 …

MOTORHEAD Bastards. Rare archive quality 1993 German 12-track vinyl LP, the legendary group’s eleventh album including the classic Born To Raise Hell, with a glossy picture sleeve. This example remains factory sealed from new in the original shrink, therefore in an unplayed condtion. An oustanding copy of this now hard to find 90s vinyl pressing.

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