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NEW RELEASE (SOLD OUT!)Vinyl Me, Please Excl…

Vinyl Me, Please Exclusive Pressing (#132/300) 

Minami Deutsch ‎– With Dim Light
Guruguru Brain ‎– GGB-016LP
Vinyl LP, transparent With Black Haze

Released: (Dec 2018 Reissue)

Track 1, side 2 = purest Can worship. 
This. Is. AWESOME!!!
This one’s long gone as well, no sponsored link available, sorry. The music link tho… do yourselves a favor and marvel at the Krautrock perfection that is Minami Deutsch.


NEW RELEASEVinyl Me, Please Exclusive Pressing…

Vinyl Me, Please Exclusive Pressing (#186/300)

Sundays & Cybele ‎– Gypsy House
Guruguru Brain ‎– GGB-002LP
Vinyl LP, Clear/Half Sky Blue 
Released: 2012 (2019 Reissue)

Modern Japanese psych rock, with classic rock lessons and garage grit thrown in for good measure.  I would hand this record to Jack White or Ty Segall and beg them to listen.  Then I’d bug every fan of obscure 70s Japanese drug music and know they would pick it up immediately.  I’ll include a buy link below but I expect they’ll be gone immediately.  Tag us if you manage to snap up a vinyl copy, tell us what you think!



Warner Bros. Records  R1 1692Series:1967 Summe…

The Beau Brummels Triangle

Warner Bros. Records  R1 1692
Series:1967 Summer Of Love 
Vinyl LP, Mono, Blue
Released: 1967(11 Jul 2017 Mono Reissue)

A cross between Bee Gees pop psychedelia and The Byrds country folk? That be over simplified and won’t ever replace the real experience of listening to the tunes for yourself, but it might serve as a signpost. Great stuff ahead, peace pipes optional, brown blotter not recommended.

LISTEN: Magic Hollow Grateful Dead ‎–…

Grateful Dead ‎– Truckin’ Up To Buffalo (July 4, 1989)
ORG Music ‎– ORGM-2011
5 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered, Stereo

So ORG Music sent me this 5 lp, ultra deluxe Grateful Dead box set to review. Rossiter kinda knows I don’t like the Dead but he sent the thing anyway because he wanted me to see and hear it.  So I’m listening, and I hear, and I have opinions.  Wanna hear someone who doesn’t like Grateful Dead review an expensive, deluxe box set he has no business reviewing? tune in tomorrow.
Vinyl Junkies Ep. 15.  LIVE TOMORROW AT 1 PM EST

LISTEN: Grateful Dead ‎– Truckin’ Up To Buffalo – Drums