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KRAFTWERK Doppelalbum. 1974 German-only 7-trac…

KRAFTWERK Doppelalbum. 1974 German-only 7-track double LP, compiling tracks from the first two Kraftwerk albums & a twenty two minute version of Autobahn, housed in a unique front laminated gatefold sleeve with the autobahn symbol front & back& a colour photograph of a power plant with a line of traffic cones on the inside. Both the sleeve & vinyl are Excellent with very little age wear & few signs of play.

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ORGANISATION Tone Float. Rare original 1970 UK…

ORGANISATION Tone Float. Rare original 1970 UK orange RCA label 5-track vinyl LP featuring a pre-Kraftwerk Ralf Hutter & Florian Schneider and produced by Conny Plank. Housed in a picture sleeve with a red & white ‘traffic cone’ logo on the reverse bottom left, which has since become synonymous with Kraftwerk over the years.

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POPOL VUH In Den Garten Pharaos. Rare 1972 Ger…

POPOL VUH In Den Garten Pharaos. Rare 1972 German 2-track vinyl LP on the mushroom Pilz label, laminated gatefold picture sleeve. Wonderful lengthy Moog-ridden work outs with Turkish percussion from the krautrock pioneers. The sleeve shows very little wear and the vinyl is Excellent with just the odd cosmetic hairline not affecting play.

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One of our buyers recently returned back to he…

One of our buyers recently returned back to head UK Office with some fantastic Krautrock, here is a little preview.

For these and more, please check our website

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TECHNICAL SPACE COMPOSER’S CREW Canaxis 5. Krautrock holy grail! Monster rare 1969 German-only limited edition private press vinyl LP, picture sleeve. Just a few months after the formation of Can in 1969, Holger Czukay made this one-off collaboration with producer/engineer Rolf Dammers. Released in a run of just 500 copies on their own Music Factory imprint, the album, [inspired by his studies under Stockhausen], incorporated radios, electronics, sound collages and proto-sampling techniques over two side-long pieces. ‘Ho-Mai-Nhi [The Boat Woman’s Song]’ splices field recordings of Vietnamese traditional song, chants, shortwave radio blasts and more into a truly unique soundscape. Make no mistake this is a seminal slice of music history that single-handedly predicts sampling, world/ethnic music fashions, ambient, electronica and more.

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CAN(Mute Records, 2014 Reissues)

(Mute Records, 2014 Reissues)

  • Soundtracks (1970)
  • Tago Mago (1971)
  • Ege Baymasi (1972)

Coffee, Smoke, Krautrock

These Mute reissues sound nice, but mine is warped and pressed off center.  And the center hole is way too tight; had to use a deburring tool to make the hole bigger, damaging my center label in the process. Brand new, right out of the shrinkwrap.

I’m fucking grumpy. There is a quality control issue with vinyl.  Can anyone check for QC issues on the European pressings of these albums? Maybe they’re better than mine is, it would be useful to know.  Thanks. 

Can ‎– Ege Bamyasi (1972)

Can ‎– Ege Bamyasi (1972)

Eat your greens.




Karl Hector And The Malcouns ‎– Non Ex Orbis
Now Again Records (2019)

Blind pick, first needledrop, no prior knowledge. The hype sticker says Krautrock/Spacejazz so I immediately think it’s a reissue of an obscure krautrock lp.  Now Again are my vinyl guide to many amazing records and even more amazing stories, I assumed retro and the opening track sounded like the kind of krautrock my prog rock friends would dig.

This is new material.  Fourth spin happening right now.  There are far too many namedrops that could help describe this phenomenal, druggy musical stew.  I didn’t read too much into the history of the band but there’s a connection to the Poets Of Rhythm and bands like Can get mentioned. If you’re a fan of what I loosely describe as “70s drug music” and like exploring, this is a ride you’re gonna want to take.  This will stay regular rotation, enthusiastic recommend!

I don’t have a buy link for you (sorry) but it’s available at all of your better indie shops. RSD is next Friday, look for it and share your thoughts in the comments!


NEW RELEASE (SOLD OUT!)Vinyl Me, Please Excl…

Vinyl Me, Please Exclusive Pressing (#132/300) 

Minami Deutsch ‎– With Dim Light
Guruguru Brain ‎– GGB-016LP
Vinyl LP, transparent With Black Haze

Released: (Dec 2018 Reissue)

Track 1, side 2 = purest Can worship. 
This. Is. AWESOME!!!
This one’s long gone as well, no sponsored link available, sorry. The music link tho… do yourselves a favor and marvel at the Krautrock perfection that is Minami Deutsch.


NEW RELEASEVinyl Me, Please Exclusive Pressing…

Vinyl Me, Please Exclusive Pressing (#186/300)

Sundays & Cybele ‎– Gypsy House
Guruguru Brain ‎– GGB-002LP
Vinyl LP, Clear/Half Sky Blue 
Released: 2012 (2019 Reissue)

Modern Japanese psych rock, with classic rock lessons and garage grit thrown in for good measure.  I would hand this record to Jack White or Ty Segall and beg them to listen.  Then I’d bug every fan of obscure 70s Japanese drug music and know they would pick it up immediately.  I’ll include a buy link below but I expect they’ll be gone immediately.  Tag us if you manage to snap up a vinyl copy, tell us what you think!