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David Sylvian’s Alchemy, AKA Words with the Sh…

David Sylvian’s Alchemy, AKA Words with the Shaman, is one of my Top 5 records of all-time. An instrumental affair of what today we’d call world music, it has captivated me for decades. Alas, it’s been only available on import EPs- and used ones at that, so inevitably, they were noisey during the quiet interludes. I’ve bought multiple copies over the years, futilely trying to find a clean one, but now it has been re-released finally (the copy on the lower left) and it sounds GORGEOUS. Listening to it was like sending my ears to a spa for 40 minutes.

NEW RELEASE (SOLD OUT!)Vinyl Me, Please Excl…

Vinyl Me, Please Exclusive Pressing (#132/300) 

Minami Deutsch ‎– With Dim Light
Guruguru Brain ‎– GGB-016LP
Vinyl LP, transparent With Black Haze

Released: (Dec 2018 Reissue)

Track 1, side 2 = purest Can worship. 
This. Is. AWESOME!!!
This one’s long gone as well, no sponsored link available, sorry. The music link tho… do yourselves a favor and marvel at the Krautrock perfection that is Minami Deutsch.


NEW RELEASE (SOLD OUT!) Vinyl Me, Please Excl…


Vinyl Me, Please Exclusive Pressing (#186/300) 

Kikagaku Moyo ‎– House In The Tall Grass
Guruguru Brain ‎– GGB-008LP
Released: (Dec 2018 Reissue)

Very Donovan/Flower Power vibe on this GuruGuru Brain release.  Already on its seventh pressing and seemingly impossible to track down new.  I’d include a buy link for this lp as well but they’re already all gone!  Smoke a shisha and think paisley thoughts, you’ll zone in on what Kikagaku Moyo are laying down.


NEW RELEASEVinyl Me, Please Exclusive Pressing…

Vinyl Me, Please Exclusive Pressing (#186/300)

Sundays & Cybele ‎– Gypsy House
Guruguru Brain ‎– GGB-002LP
Vinyl LP, Clear/Half Sky Blue 
Released: 2012 (2019 Reissue)

Modern Japanese psych rock, with classic rock lessons and garage grit thrown in for good measure.  I would hand this record to Jack White or Ty Segall and beg them to listen.  Then I’d bug every fan of obscure 70s Japanese drug music and know they would pick it up immediately.  I’ll include a buy link below but I expect they’ll be gone immediately.  Tag us if you manage to snap up a vinyl copy, tell us what you think!



Merzbow / Keiji Haino / Balázs Pándi ‎– 迷惑をか…

Merzbow / Keiji Haino / Balázs Pándi ‎– 迷惑をかけない無防備 = An Untroublesome Defencelessness
RareNoise Records ‎– RNR061LP
2 × 45 RPM, Album
Released: 01 Jul 2016

Keiji Haino is incapable of contributing anything less than earth shattering, to whichever project he’s working on.  A remarkably versatile, unique artist.  I’m hoping some brave, enterprising record label decides to finally undertake releasing some Fushitsusha albums, on vinyl. Next level power trio.


Harry Hosono And The Yellow Magic Band ‎– Pa…

Harry Hosono And The Yellow Magic Band ‎– Paraiso
Light In The Attic ‎– LITA 172
Released: (Aug 2018 Reissue)

Okay, let’s play again.  How do you rate this one?  Is this okay for a newly unwrapped record, if it doesn’t affect the sound?  I’m glad the people who make vinyl records aren’t left in charge of making cars or planes. Was the guy in charge of QC out on a cigarette break? Does a QC person even exist?  I don’t know anymore. This is fucking ridiculous.  3 separate records, all new, all warped.  Please, someone explain. For the amount of money I spend on records every month, I’m feeling pretty bent over right now.

LISTEN: Harry Hosono And The Yellow Magic Band ‎– Paraiso

NEW RELEASEVMP Exclusive (500 copies)Haruomi…

VMP Exclusive (500 copies)

Haruomi Hosono ‎– Hosono House
Light In The Attic ‎– LITA173
Vinyl, LP, Light Blue wax
Released: (2018 Reissue)

More Hosono magic.  So thrilled these Japanese rarities have finally been reissued.


Haruomi Hosono – Hosono House (1973)

NEW RELEASEVMP Exclusive Pressing (500 copie…

VMP Exclusive Pressing (500 copies)

Tadanori Yokoo & Haruomi Hosono ‎– Cochin Moon
King Records ‎– LITA-174
Vinyl LP,  Blue Translucent wax
Released: 1978 (2018 Reissue)
FINALLY!  The Hosono reissues came in today!  This one’s warped enough to give me motion sickness, but it plays well.  Does that make it a defective record or no?  Should it be sold or held back by QC?  I don’t know anymore…  The music is everything I wanted, couldn’t be happier with the sound.  The packaging is beautiful as well.  Watching the record spin causes nausea.  

So, is there legit reason to be dissatisfied or am I making too much of it? Should VJ be making you aware of these things or does it detract too much from our main goal, which is the music itself?  You tell me, the floor is yours.

LISTEN: Haruomi Hosono – Cochin Moon (Full Album) 

Mono  ‎– Hymn To The Immortal WindTemporary …

Mono  ‎– Hymn To The Immortal Wind
Temporary Residence Limited ‎– TRR 148
2 × LP
Released: 2009 (2012 Repress)

Mono is making everything better. It’s the right soundtrack for the current headspace. The VJ Archive is my pharmacy.

LISTEN: Mono  ‎– Hymn To The Immortal Wind

Mono  ‎– Under The Pipal TreeTemporary Resid…

Mono  ‎– Under The Pipal Tree
Temporary Residence Limited ‎– TRR282
2 × LP, Remastered
2001 (20 Jan 2017 Reissue)

Sitting Under The Pipal Tree makes things better. Mono’s been helping me get by for nearly 20 years. Music matters.

LISTEN: MONO – The Kidnapper Bell