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Coffee, Smoke, De LaThe VMP box arrived.  This…

Coffee, Smoke, De La

The VMP box arrived.  This sold out immediately, the vultures are doing their thing on Discogs.  I spent the morning doing a A/B shootout between this version and the 2013 Tommy Boy reissue I have.  Note form, ok?

Same, to my ears.  If that was the only determining factor, I’d be happy with either copy.

VMP are the clear winners here.  My original has dimples on the surface.  They don’t affect the sound but I don’t like buying physically flawed records.  The Vinyl Me, Please platters are well pressed, no defects.  If you like colors, they do that too.  

The 2013 Tommy Boy album jacket is flimsier, too thin to really house 2 discs.  The VMP jacket is made of thicker cardboard stock, same deal with the inner sleeves.  Neither pressing has a polylined sleeve for the actual records, minus 1 for both sets.

If sound is all you care about, get the cheaper one.  Now that the VMP reissue has landed, I’m betting lotsa folks are gonna be willing to part with their reissue.  The VMP pressing sounds the same, but every aspect of the physical product is superior to the 2013.  If that upgrade holds value for you, then you go for the newer one.

No music link for this one.  As mentioned in  2 Minute  Vinyl Review #7.  The only way you can hear this album, in it’s entirety, is if you buy a physical copy.  

The kid never wants to take a pic, she’s a uni…

The kid never wants to take a pic, she’s a unicorn that way.  Today was an awesome unicorn sighting. 12 year old high school junior with a newfound appreciation for hip hop, because potty mouth.
Does a blind needledrop on this T.I. album make me a bad parent? I don’t think so.  Besides, 12 year old me loved metal for a lot of the same reasons. If hip hop is what brings me closer to my daughter, I’m thinking I might need to see about that Cardi B everyone goes on about. Potty mouth and a phat ass won’t corrupt her, I like em too.


RTJ care about the quality of their vinyl pres…

RTJ care about the quality of their vinyl pressings.  EL-P’s for real, on every level.  The attention to detail isobvious with the art and packaging. I’m happy to see it extends to the quality of the vinyl record. We buy our music on vinyl to enjoy the full extent of what you’re laying down.  


MED, Blu, Madlib ‎– Bad NeighborBang Ya Head ‎…

VMP Exclusive (500 Copies)

MED, Blu, Madlib ‎– Bad Neighbor
Bang Ya Head ‎– BYH 0005
2 × LP, Black & Red Swirl
2015 (2019 Reissue)

Day 2 of The Record Cave 3.0
I’ve got the station set up, minus the wall art.  A pair of trusty Technics 1200′s with a new pair of Kanto YU6  powered monitors I’m still breaking in. Now I gotta dismount the main sound system, which is currently minus one turntable.  PC and camera setup still needs to be figured out, that’s tomorrow’s panic attack.  

This whole process makes it impossible to really dig into the stacks, so I wind up spinning whatever’s right in front of me, on a loop.  The Vinyl Me, Please box arrived yesterday, so this Madlib’s already on its fifth consecutive spin. Side 4 tho…


Pete Rock ‎– Soul SurvivorRCA ‎– 88875040831…

Pete Rock ‎– Soul Survivor
RCA ‎– 88875040831, Nature Sounds ‎– NSD-803
2 × LP + Bonus 7", Red/Black Split Vinyl
Released: 2017

Classic Hip Hop. Be careful out there.


NEW RELEASEVinyl Me, Please. Classics – C017…

Vinyl Me, Please. Classics – C017

Donald Byrd ‎– Fancy Free
Blue Note ‎– B0028724-01, Universal Music Special Markets ‎– B0028724-01
Released: 1969 (Oct 2018 Reissue)

Hip hop Byrd starts here.  Earlier albums were also sampled but “Fancy Free” is where he started working with young pro-black students, taking his sound out of strictly jazz settings delving into those burdgeoning fusion jazz-funk sounds the critics hated so much.  
Music critics don’t matter, they never did.
Ask an artist, they’ll tell you.
You. Your ears. They matter. That’s why music gets made.


Donald Byrd – Fancy Free

NEW RELEASE Vinyl Me, Please. Rap & Hip …

Vinyl Me, Please. Rap & Hip Hop – RH012

Queen Latifah ‎– All Hail The Queen
Tommy Boy ‎– TB-5074-1
Vinyl, LP, Clear Cloudy With Red/Green Splatter 
1989 (Aug 2018 Reissue)

This. Is. AWESOME!!!  The needledrop just blasted this out as loudly as when I used to rock my tape, from my boombox.  It’s aged so well too. This album sounds amazing, I am overjoyed to finally have it in the archives. Never woulda guessed  the Queen would become a talk show host and makeup model though….


Queen Latifah – Dance For Me (Official Music Video)

NEW RELEASEVinyl Me, Please. Rap & Hip H…

Vinyl Me, Please. Rap & Hip Hop – RH011
First Vinyl Pressing
Open Mike Eagle ‎– Unapologetic Art Rap
Mush ‎– MH-269
Format: 2 × 45 RPM, Album, Remastered, Blue
Released:2002 (Jul 2018 Reissue)

New to me, and exactly the kind of hip hop I dig most.  It’s also the first time it’s pressed on wax so you underground headz might wanna jump on it.  Much flavor.  Original with clear links to the lineage, intelligent and funny. Listen for yourselves, tell me what you hear, I’d rather read it from you. I hope this means that VMP will be releasing more Open Mike Eagle soon.  I wants it.  


Art Rap Party

Eric B. & Rakim ‎– Follow The LeaderUNI …

Eric B. & Rakim ‎– Follow The Leader
UNI Records ‎– UNI-3
Vinyl, LP, Album

Last dig on the last stop of the L.A. Record Crawl.  BOOM!  A clean original pressing, courtesy of Permanent Records.  The hip hop section of the VJ Archive still has a ways to go before it reaches a level I’m satisfied with; finally getting my hands on some Eric B. & Rakim is a major step forward.  Now I gotta find some Pete Rock….


Eric B. & Rakim – Follow The Leader

Kanye West ‎– The College DropoutRoc-A-Fella…

Kanye West ‎– The College Dropout
Roc-A-Fella Records ‎– B0002030-01, Hustle. ‎– B0002030-01, Handprint Entertainment ‎– B0002030-01
2 × Vinyl LP
Released: 2004 (20?? Reissue)

VMP garage sale.  Had to know. I don’t get it, the music.  I don’t care about the rest, I don’t have to live with him and I actively keep away from reading TMZ type nonsense, but the music was something I wanted to separate from the rest.  I’m not a hip hop “expert” by any means, never will be, but I don’t get it.  It’s not bad but my first needledrop isn’t revealing anything that’s blowing my mind either.  The beats seems kinda pedestrian, the rhymes moreso.  
What am I missing?I’m looking for an actual conversation from folks who have taken the time to LISTEN.  I hear tons of old soul/funk samples and the production clearly has the budget behind it, but I’m just not getting how this blew up up the way it did.
Straight up: If you hate Ye, I don’t care and I don’t wanna hear about it, his character and his wife can be debated elsewhere. In order to discuss the music, you gotta know the music.  That’s the discussion I’m interested in having.Where my Kanye fans at?  Weigh in, we’d love your input.

LISTEN: We Don’t Care