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Genetic Control ‎– First Impressions
(Ltd. 500 Numbered Copies)
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Coffee, Smoke, Hardcore
Prior to this vinyl release, Genetic Control’s  recorded output was limited to a 7″ and a CD compilation of previously unreleased tracks. GREAT slab! If an audiophile-quality pressing of a hardcore record exists, this would be it.

First ever official reissue of the exceedingly rare and hard-to-find First Impressions EP by Montreal punk band Genetic Control released in 1984. This expanded 35th anniversary edition contains 9 previously unreleased tracks from the band’s archives for a total of 14 fast and snotty 80s hardcore tunes !

Genetic Control

Melt-Banana ‎– Charlie (1998)
Morbid Angel ‎– Domination (1995)

Time to metal.
My first high school sweetheart was pretty hippy dippy. One time she hired the services of a clairvoyant, a “real” one.. He told me I would grow out of this heavy metal.  He’s probably dead now, and wrong.
Dead wrong.


Melt-Banana ‎– Charlie (1998)
Morbid Angel ‎– Domination (1995)

Cleaning unused record photos out of my phone: My first friend (like when I was 3), Rich, grew up to play bass in the NYHC mainstay Raw Deal, which had to change its name to Killing Time when they got signed because some band in England had the name first.

Backdrop: Complete.  Bad Music For Bad People. 
We know the deal.


Gonna spend a few hours with Iggy today.  Sound-wise, this Run Out Groove “Funhouse Sessions” 2lp comp blows the doors off my Sundazed lp reissue. Original master analog tapes were used and every care was taken to ensure we got a quality product.  This is straight up amazing, must-have vinyl for an Stooges fanatic. Now I gotta get my hands on their self titled…


Record Cave 3.0
Day 4

Hammer. Nails. 


Bad Brains ‎– Bad Brains
ROIR (Reachout International Records) ‎– RUSLP 8223

Never owned an original copy of the cassette, but I’m certain that this copy doesn’t sound any better than my cd did, because it’s on wax.  Necessary, on any format.



Released:  (07 Dec 2018 Reissue)


Laughing Hyenas ‎– Life Of Crime
Laughing Hyenas – Hard Times/ Crawl EP
Third Man Records/

Touch And Go

‎– TMR472 & TMR473

Laughing Hyenas reissues!   Fans of grunge and post hardcore who aren’t already familiar will love everything about these albums.  Drop the needle and be amazed by just how many bands they sounded like, before the fact.  I’m hearing Tad, White Zombie, Quicksand, QOTSA, Jesus Lizard and a ton more. Greasy, stripped down rock n’ roll from the wrong side of the tracks.  I’m not sure what the back story is but Laughing Hyenas never got their due.  Gonna sit with the liner notes and read all about it.  Favorite reading material, ever.


RSD Black Friday (Ltd. 1500 Copies)

Würm ‎– Exhumed
ORG Music ‎– ORGM-1022
2 × LP, Compilation, Remastered, Blue Translucent Vinyl
Released: 23 Nov 2018

The liner notes on the back cover start like this:

“My name is Chuck Dukowski and I’m a bass player. In the late 70’s my friends and I started a band called Black Flag, but Black Flag would have never happened if hadn’t started Würm”
^^^That’s the type of thing that immediately gets me interested.  The history of punk and hardcore is in clear evidence, but it really is so much more.  I’m also hearing Jim Morrison type freakouts (no kidding!), Iommic proto-metal riffing, harmonica and cow bell. I know it’s “just punk” but this plays like an important musical artifact, the story of of mid 70’s crustiest sounds.  I’m pretty sure I like this more than any of my Black Flag records, it’s far more diverse and druggy. Proto-everything I like. More cowbell in punk, please!


Discharge ‎– Grave New World
Profile Records ‎– PRO-1221, Rock Hotel Records ‎– PRO-1221

Hair metal Discharge!  I’m guessing the hardcore kids didn’t go for it.  The box doesn’t matter, I dig it.