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Gabor Szabo ‎– MizrabCTI Records ‎– CTI 6026…

Gabor Szabo ‎– Mizrab
CTI Records ‎– CTI 6026
Released: 1973

Came back from L.A a few Gabor Szabo lps deeper.  Never a bad thing, need em all. Stories on Sunday.

LISTEN: Gabor Szabo – Mizrab

Aretha Franklin ‎– SparkleAtlantic ‎– SD 181…

Aretha Franklin ‎– Sparkle
Atlantic ‎– SD 18176

Paying my respects.

LISTEN: Sparkle

Bob James ‎– Hands DownTappan Zee Records ‎–…

Bob James ‎– Hands Down
Tappan Zee Records ‎– FC 38067
Vinyl LP, Gatefold

More loot from the VJ L.A. Record Crawl.  This Bob James lp certainly shows its early 80s vintage with the drum programming and synth presence but the drumming is funky, the synths are squishy and the basslines are PHAT!  Think soundtrack to Miami Vice or those awesome/awful Golan-Globus VHS action movies involving cocaine shipments by speedboat, and perhaps ninjas.


Bob James – Janus [1982]

Generation Gap – “Eat Where you Sleep” (Lanor)…

Generation Gap – “Eat Where you Sleep” (Lanor) – Good advice

Gabor Szabo And The California Dreamers ‎– W…

Gabor Szabo And The California Dreamers ‎– Wind, Sky And Diamonds
Impulse! ‎– AS-9151

Gypsy guitar coupled with tasty sitar accents and Mamas & Papas-type vocal harmonies?  Yes please!
Observation: L.A. is  a city with a healthy appreciation for all things Gabor Szabo.  3 more GS albums were dug out last weekend.  This minty VG++ copy (cutout) adds to the ever-growing collection of orange and black.  Only one missing now,   his debut on Impulse!  It will be mine.  At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if I find it on my next L.A. dig.  

LISTEN: Gabor Szabo and The California Dreamers – Wind Sky And Diamonds [FULL ALBUM]

Joe Farrell ‎– Canned FunkCTI Records ‎– C…

Joe Farrell ‎– Canned Funk
CTI Records ‎– CTI 6053 S1
Vinyl LP, Gatefold

BOOM!  My most sought-after CTI title has been secured, courtesty of Amoeba Records and the VJ L.A. Record Crawl.  Listen to the opening title track. If you dig dirty jazz-funk, your ears will tell you why I’ve been chasing this platter for awhile, that album cover will illustrate the rest. Beast-mode, never reissued.  



Joe Farrell ‎– Canned Funk


J.J. Band – “Hear My Plea” (Polydor) – Some fu…

J.J. Band – “Hear My Plea” (Polydor) – Some funky rock coming to you straight outta Belgium.

Melvin Van Peebles ‎– Brer SoulA&M Recor…

Melvin Van Peebles ‎– Brer Soul
A&M Records ‎– SP 4161
Vinyl LP, Gatefold

Back from L.A. Buncha new friends, 43 records deeper.  Many drinks, many smokes, many fish tacos. There are stories to tell and sides to spin, so I’ll spin the records while the dust settles. The stories will sort themselves out. Every record has a storyI’ve got 43
Good to be back home.

LISTEN: Melvin Van Peebles Brer Soul [Full Album]

Moses’s Street Band – “Christa” (Juno) -…

Moses’s Street Band – “Christa” (Juno) – Funky soundtrack action

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