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Everyone quibbles with the selections on Greatest Hits albums and I’m no different. This is a decent collection, gathering most of Crowded House’s good stuff, but it should have been done chronologically and it should have dumped some of those terrible Together Alone tracks (their weakest album) for lost gems on Temple of Low Men, like “Into Temptation.” Also, the omission of “World Where You Live” from the debut album is a sin. Nonetheless, the Woodface album—virtually a greatest hits album all on its own—is well represented and most of the other crowd-pleasing singles are here, too. 

Sure, it only took them 40 years, but their time has come…sort of. 

Goofy project of the week: 31 years ago, I was an intern at Capitol Records and was given a pill bottle full of buttons promoting Poison’s first album. He drawback was that two buttons were missing. Fast-forward to Wednesday, and I came across that bottle in a drawer and got to thinking. A quick Google search revealed a photo of all the buttons, so I saw what the missing buttons looked like. Following a little Photoshop work and spec’ing the font (Futura Condensed Bold), I sent them off to and today, I got my replacements in the mail, recompleting the set all these years later. Not a great accomplishment, but a satisfying one nonetheless. 

I bought a new turntable! It’s a vintage Technics SL-5, circa 1981 or so. A linear-tracking table, it doesn’t have a tone arm; instead, the cartridge is pulled sideways along a track built into the lid. That makes for better sound because your needle is always directly in the center of a record’s groove from start to finish; with a tonearm, your needle always rides in the groove at an ever-changing angle. While it looks like a toy, it is actually a highly regarded table and I’ve occasionally looked at them online for years but never pulled the trigger on buying one due to a bad previous experience buying a turntable without seeing it in person first. This one, I found in a vinyl shop in a Washington, DC and couldn’t believe I’d found one, much less in such gorgeous shape. Lacking a bag or box to put it in, I had to carry it in my arms through the streets and on the train back to New York; luckily, it survived. It has a special feature that even the designers didn’t know about—it’s small enough to fit into a modern-day IKEA Expedit/Kallax record shelf (the shelves didn’t exist back then). Of course, everything’s better with tacky LED lights so I adorned it with some underneath and now it has this otherworldly glow. Most importantly, it sounds awesome!

After a long weekend of Thanksgiving leftovers, everybody feels like these guys. This is a U.K. shaped picture disc of The Fat Boys’ duet with The Beach Boys, all bustin’ it over”Wipeout,” the old 1960s instrumental by The Surfaris.
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Great Moments in Stupid: Found this Squeeze album the other day, signed by Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford for an insulting five bucks. They wrote it was autographed on the price sticker…and then placed the sticker ON AN AUTOGRAPH. Not one to pass up a bargain, I nabbed it and the sticker came off just fine with some gentle pulling. 

Happy birthday to Tina Turner, who turns 80 today. Here’s a UK shaped picture disc of her song from Mad Max :Beyond Thunderdome.
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This UK shaped picture disc of Robert Palmer’s mid-80s staple, “Addicted to Love,” illustrates something that pretty much everyone on both sides has been doing today while watching the impeachment hearings: The Facepalm.
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This UK shaped picture disc is for an artsy track, “Taking The Veil,” from David Sylvian’s double LP, “Gone To Earth.” This song is less out there than some tracks on the album, but in all, the album was his headlong departure from the mainstream. Robert Fripp adds some fascinating guitar atmospheres and it’s a pretty cool, mellow track but basically this had no business being a single. Somebody at the record company must have realized it though, because they put this picture disc out, as well as other gimmicky versions like a 12” single of it literally autographed by Sylvian himself, in hopes of getting this song on the charts. 

Jules Shear is probably best remembered these days as the original host of MTV Unplugged (yes, it had a host), or if you’re in deep trivia mode, the ex-boyfriend of Til Tuesday’s Aimee Mann (no, she wrote “Voices Carry” before she met him). Shear was originally known, however, as a songwriter’s songwriter, as proven by this agreeable track, The Bangles’ “If She Knew What She Wants,” which he penned. Seen here on UK shaped picture disc, it remains a staple of Oldies Stations everywhere.