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I added to my Doctor Who 12” remix from the Eighties today as I got Christopher Eccleston to sign it (upper right corner) at NYCC. So now have Doctors 4-12 on here. Hope I can find room for Jodie Whittaker someday. 

I got mugged on Father’s Day! #happyfathersday #doctorwho #straycats #mug

This arrived home today and boy, am I happy. Over the years, as documented here on my IG, I’ve slowly but surely collected autographs on this goofy 1986 UK 12” remix of the Dr. Who theme. One I would never be able to get, however, was the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker (the one with That Scarf). Living in the UK, he no longer does conventions or travels, and while he does sign things through the mail for a fee, they have to be paper and smaller than the size of a record sleeve. I tried emailing a few years ago to see if an exception could be made and never heard back. I tried again in early November and lo and behold, got an OK to send the sleeve (with an adjustment in that fee, natch—fine with me). I sent off the sleeve in late November and I have to admit, I kind of felt I’d never see it again but had to at least try. It returned today from overseas, now festooned with Baker’s cheery signature—which means the record now has Doctors 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12. I’d love to get Whittaker and Eccleston someday (I can dream), but it may be time to happily retire this project.
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Doctor Who – Theme From The BBC TV Series. Someone is trying to sell one of these for $250 on eBay. I’d let mine go for $200.

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Today’s the debut of the 13th Doctor on Doctor Who and we got to see her at NY Comic Con, but I got to meet some other Doctors this weekend—David Tennant (the 10th) and Matt Smith (11th), who both signed my hysterical mid-1980s UK disco remix of the theme. Tennant had fun playing with it, waving it around so he could see the hologram of baddies in the center, while Smith advised me that I should frame it (you don’t say). So at this point, I have Doctors 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12 on there. There’s only three living Doctors left, but 9 doesn’t really associate himself with the role, 13 only started today and 4—the illustrious Tom Baker—doesn’t do public appearances anymore, so I think this is about as full as it’s gonna get for a while, possibly ever. That’s fine, because I’m almost out of room on the cover!

More for Autographed Album August—A UK 12” disco remix of the Doctor Who theme, signed by Doctors 5, 6, 7, 8 and 12. Hoping to add the Tenth Doctor at NYCC this year.

My daughter made these. My daughter is cool. #doctorwho

DOCTOR WHO Genesis Of The Daleks. 1979 UK Parts 1 & 2 cast recording mono LP starring Tom Baker, picture sleeve. The sleeve shows just a little light shelfwear with some creasing to one corner & the vinyl remains in excellent condition with just a couple of light surface scuffs to show for its thirty five years. DRWLPGE624895 available from #eildotcom #eil #records #vinyl #rarerecords #rarelps #bbc #DoctorWho #tombaker #darleks

At NYCC, I added the autograph of another Doctor—Peter Capaldi—to my goofy 1980s 12" remix of the Dr. Who theme. There’s now Doctors 5, 6, 7, 8 and 12(ish) on there, surrounding the awesome hologram of classic enemies.