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Tim Maia – Tim Maia (1977)
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The 1977 album from legendary Brazilian artist, Tim Maia. A fusion of soul, boogie, disco and MPB, featuring ‘E Necessario’. Maia released over 30 albums during his extensive and well-publicized career, touching on funk, bossa nova, disco, MPB, rock, soul and jazz. He was a driving force behind the introduction of soul, funk and disco from the USA into Brazilian music styles and was hugely influential in the ‘Black Rio’ movement in Brazil in the early ’70’s. This, his 1977 album, that epitomizes that fusion of sounds and styles. ‘E Necessario’ has been a favorite of ours for many years; included on our Brazilian Beats Brooklyn compilation and released as part of our Brazil 45’s series.


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Antonio Carlos e Jocafi – Mudei De Ideia (1971)
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1971 Brasilia classic rarity, finally reissued on vinyl! 
Mudei de Ideia is a truly fantastic record that sounds the way it looks – psychedelic rock, samba-funk and tripped out MPB. Features ‘Kabaluerê’ as sampled by Marcelo D2 on his hit ‘Qual e?’. Arranged by Rogerio Duprat, featuring legendary guitarist Lanny Gordin. Antonio Carlos and Jocafi were a very successful and famous Brazilian writing duo, born in Bahia. They worked with the likes of Wilson Simonal, Rosinha de Valença, Trio Mocotó, Milton Banana, Toquinho and more. Originally released on RCA Brazil in 1971, this was the duo’s debut LP. Two versions of the album cover exist in Brazil – this, the psyched-out, burnt out version.


VQC Score: 93.5% | Toquinho – Toquinho
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All-time classic Brazilian album, featuring Jorge Ben on ‘Que Maravilha’, ‘Zana’ and ‘Carolina Carol Bela’ as sampled by DJ Marky on ‘LK’.
Brazilian guitarist and singer Toquinho (real name Antônio Pecci Filho) was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the 1940’s. His first major hit single was ‘Que Maravilha’, as featured here, that he wrote with Jorge Ben. This album also features ‘Zana’ and the ultra-famous
‘Carolina Carol Bela’, also written with Ben.
Toquinho had a prolific career releasing a huge number of albums and writing on even more. He released many records with Vinicius De Moraes during the 70’s.

‘Carolina Carol Bela’ was sampled by DJ Marky on his drum n bass hit ‘LK’ – the track that launched the sound of Brazilian drum n bass outside of Brazil.


VJQC Score: 93.5%
Os Novos Baianos – Acabou Chorare (1972)
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Acabou Chorare is the second album from Novos Baianos, or ‘New Bahians’, who formed in Bahia, Brazil in the 1960’s. They are considered to be one of the most important and revolutionary groups in Brazilian music. Acabou Chorare – translated as Stop Crying – was originally released in 1972 by Som Livre after the success of their first LP É Ferro na Boneca in 1970. It charted at #1 in a Rolling Stone Brazil’s’Top 100 Brazilian Albums Ever chart. ‘Preta, Pretinha’ placed 20th in the same publications list of the greatest Brazilian songs of all time. Upon release, Acabou Chorare stayed near the top on the album charts for more than 30 weeks, and received huge radio support across the country. It also became very popular in Europe shortly afterwards. The unique sound of this record is a result of the fusion of samba, MPB, rock ‘n’ roll and bossa nova, and strong influences from Joao Gilberto, who frequently played with the group, and bossa nova legend Gilberto Gil. In 1969, Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso invited Pepeu to accompany them in their farewell show before their exile, the emotional ‘Barra 69’ concert.


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Stan Getz / João Gilberto Featuring Antonio Carlos Jobim ‎– Getz / Gilberto (1964)

Spinning my original mono copy in tribute to master João Gilberto, who passed away yesterday at age 88. 
My lady came down with some coffee, Sunday hangout.  Upon listening to the very first passages she remarked “OMG I’m seeing that entire period we were first dating, flashing right before me.” 
That was 2001. His guitar is permanent fabric to the most important and treasured of my life’s soundtrack.  
Obrigado, Sr. Gilberto

Getz/Gilberto (1964)


Boogarins ‎– Sombrou Duvida (2019)
Vinyl Me, Please Exclusive (Ltd. #164/300 Copies) 

Indie-Brasilia moderna! Like a current Os Mutantes for the upcoming Summer Coachellal crowd, but veering on the safer side of the crossroads.  Alt-Pitchfork, but more Sergio Mendes than Sepultura. Music and buy link below, while supplies last. Check it.

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Arthur Verocai ‎– Arthur Verocai (1972)
2018Remastered, Repress, Half-Speed Master, Gatefold, 180 gram

Coffee, Smoke, Brasilia
Finally picked up a copy, a long time want crossed off the list. I wasn’t even aware that Mr. Bongo reissued a half-speed remastered version last year, so I can’t compare it to their original 2016 reissue other than to say it sounds great. More Brasilian posts upcoming, music link is right below.  Enjoy your weekend, Vinyl Junkies!  


Tim Maia – Tim Maia (1977)

A family that Tim Maia’s together, stays together.  Our Sunday morning coffee is quality time spent spent surrounded by the good things, connecting over things that matter.  Tim Maia’s 1977 lp is a very regular spin, as we all anticipate another Summer spent together.
That’s family.  That’s vinyl.  

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Sepultura – Roots (1996)

Coffee, Smoke, Brasilia pesado.
Spun my Tim Maia lp a few more times to wake up funky, decided I wasn’t done with Brasil yet.  I bought Sepultura’s  “Roots” on cd back in ‘96 and was immediately floored. While every metal band was looking towards rap and electronics to move forward, Sepultura were changing the game by going backwards to Brasil’s earliest indigenous sounds.  Turns out traditional percussion instruments and tribal chanting were the magic ingredient which helped give Sepultura a sound no other metal band could duplicate. I’m not one for “best of” lists but I know what I like and to my ears, “’Roots” still stands in a class of its own. It took Sepultura from the general thrash/speed metal heap and rightfully made them a national treasure.