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Tom Zé ‎– Estudando O Samba (1976)2019 VMP rei…

Tom Zé ‎– Estudando O Samba (1976)
2019 VMP reissue (Ltd. 500), Mr. Bongo Records

This is unlike any samba record you’ll ever hear.  If John Cage and Captain Beefheart took a stab at completely deconstructing and rebuilding traditional Brasilian musical idioms, they wouldn’t sound nearly as good as “Estudando O Samba” 

David Byrne (Talking Heads) found this album during a trip to Brasil in ‘86.  The rather unique cover art is what drew him in. The liner notes describe it as “what looks like a coiled electric cable meandering its way around barbed wire” Byrne’s curiousity about this record led him to dig deeper, leading to a

Tom Zé compilation which introduced his music to a much wider audience.

Tom Zé was working at a relative’s auto garage before he was plucked from obscurity.  

Music. Is. AWESOME.


James Booker – The Paramount Tapes (1973)First…

James Booker – The Paramount Tapes (1973)
First time on vinyl
VJQC Score: 99%
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This here is the Louisiana gutbucket funk album you never knew about.  I didn’t either, until it arrived in yesterday’s VMP box.  I have likely played it a half dozen times in succession, then realized what a funk BOMB song 1 of side 2 is.  Added to Spotify BBQ Playlist and proceeded to spontaneously record the next 2 Minute Vinyl review.  I don’t wanna write it, I wanna say it. About another half dozen spins of side 2 and here we are. Listen to the link below.  Song 1, side 2,”So Swell When You’re Well”.  You can smell it. And yes, that’s a whole lotta cowbell.

VJQC Score: 99%.  It sounds flawless, the booklet that comes with these VMP Classics records take the vinyl experience to another level. Copies of this reissue are also available at independent record shops, sans booklet.  If dirty New Orleans funk is your thing, oh boy….

See that absurdly large lava lamp?  I thought it was gonna be the same size as the green one when I ordered it online.  Meet Gargantua The Red. She is Spinal Tap perfect.

So Swell When You’re Well

Toquinho – Toquinho (1970)My vinyljunkie crush…

Toquinho – Toquinho (1970)

My vinyljunkie crush with Mr. Bongo Records continues. I’m pretty sure this means I’ll want to track down their entire catalog.  This Toquinho album is more traditional sounding, incorporating acoustic guitar with all those amazing Samba sounds that enchant us.  It kinda reminds me of the soundtrack to “Black Orpheus”, at times. Filmed in 1959, Black Orpheus was the film that first introduced worldwide audiences to Brasilian Carnival and Bossa Nova music.  It won the Palme D’Or at the 1959 Cannes Film Festival. The soundtrack was composed by Brasilian legends Antonio Carlos Jobim and Luis Bonfa.
Yeah, Brasilian tangents happen. I’m high and happy, forgive the rambling. This music takes you places…


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This Tim Maia album is doing me in.  It contai…

This Tim Maia album is doing me in.  It contains every amazing element of mid-70′s soul and funk, put through a tasty Brazilian strainer.  I’m hearing hints of Ohio Players, Gamble & Huff, Isaac Hayes, Barry White, Curtis Mayfield, Tom Jones…too much to mention.  Hearing these American musical ideas blended with Brazilian percussion is what’s messing with me.  If it wasn’t for the Brazilian aspects, I’d swear I heard every one of these songs on the American Top 40, during the AM days of the mid 70′s.
Spring is coming and then Summer so this one’s gonna get a whole bunch of spins, to boil down more new additions to the Summer Mixtape. Happy days ahead; it’s impossible to listen to Brazilan music without smiling from deep inside.  

I’d also like to note that Mr. Bongo does a downright amazing job with their vinyl reissues.  Besides being flawlessly curated, they clearly pay attention to the quality of their product.  The half dozen titles I have thus far have all crushed my VJQC standard.  This one’s no different, 97%,  a near flawless record. Buy with confidence, Mr. Bongo doesn’t mess around. 


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2 Minute Vinyl Review #9 | Betty Davis – Betty…

2 Minute Vinyl Review #9 | Betty Davis – Betty Davis (1973):

Anthrax bit me.

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Buddy Guy & Junior Wells Play The Blues (1…

Buddy Guy & Junior Wells Play The Blues (1972)

Coffee, Smoke, Vinyl
I’ve had this album stuck in my head for about a week now, decades-long earworms are buried deep within the grooves. Finally busting my lp out for a few Sunday spins. Plural, it always goes that way. It’s an unlikely choice but I probably play “Buddy Guy & Junior Wells Play The Blues” more often than any other blues record in the archive. I first bought the cd in the 90′s, during my full-on dig into all things 70s funk related.  Even with a tinier cd jacket, you can’t miss those collars.  This record needs a reissue, I wish more of you had it so we could talk about just how awesome it is.  FUNKY!


Nick Drake – Bryter Layter (1970)

Nick Drake – Bryter Layter (1970)

Anthrax and me are gonna play all 3 Nick Drake lps before shelving them.  See you next month or so, you know I’ll be back to see hear your magic soon.


NEW RELEASE (Reissue)Vinyl Me, Please. Essenti…

Vinyl Me, Please. Essentials – E074

Coffee, Smoke, Van Morrison.
I’ve never heard “Veedon Fleece” before just now. Turns out it’s a perfect Monday album, that first spin of the week that eases you in slowly.  Side A is one big suite of songs, easily my favorite side.  Side B is a bunch of Van Morrison songs I’ve never heard on the radio so that’s good.  As great as it is, I didn’t wanna be hit with current rock radio pablum to start the week.  I don’t need to hear “Brown Eyed Girl” anymore…radio killed it for me long ago.


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More Brasila.  Any long Brazil-related music j…

More Brasila.  Any long Brazil-related music jag always winds up at Marcos Valle.  LITA released a series of 4 early 70s lps in 2013, all first time vinyl reissues. Previsao Do Tempo is easily the most popular of the set but they’re all amazing and worth tracking down.  Previsao was repressed in 2017 so you’ll likely have an easier time finding that one.  


NEW RELEASE VMP Exclusive #154/500 Numbered Co…

VMP Exclusive #154/500 Numbered Copies

Antonio Carlos E Jocafi ‎– Mudei De Idéia (1971)
Mr Bongo ‎– MRBLP140
Vinyl LP, Album, Reissue, purple/blue tie dye

More early 70′s Brasilia from Mr. Bongo. They originally reissued it in 2016 but VMP had another 500 numbered copies pressed and they are glorious.  Considering how many poorly pressed records I see/hear, it’s really amazing to see a small label like Mr. Bongo take all the necessary steps to ensure that even a small run of records get done right.