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Original stereo copy, sounds flawless. These are the kinds of records every jazzbo chases after. 

The two great Dames of Jazz, captured live during the 1957 Newport Jazz Festival. Nope, you don’t leave this record behind when you find it.


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Duke Ellington And His Orchestra ‎

  • Ellington Uptown (1953)
  •  Ellington ‘55

Coffee, Smoke, More Ellington
About 100 pages into “Music Is My Mistress”, Duke’s 1973 autobiography. Every written word exudes the same class and respect that he showed onstage and in studio.  Duke supposedly kept very meticulous notes so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at the overwhelming amount of musicians he name drops, seemingly on every page! Combined with repeated spins of his discography as I read, this might turn out to be one of the greatest jazz classes I’ve taken in a very long while. 
For those so inclined copies of “Music Is My Mistress” can be found on Amazon and I believe an ebook version exists as well.  This hardcover might be the heaviest book I own; it certainly adds that extra tactile experience that I look for when appreciating art.  A perfect accompaniment to listening to old Duke Columbia sides. 

Enjoy your day, art makes it better


VMP Anthology Vol.1 – 

The Story Of Blue Note Records
#985/1000 Numbered Copies

  • Horace Silver ‎– Horace Silver Trio (1956)
  • Dexter Gordon – Dexter Calling (1961)
  • Lou Donaldson ‎– The Natural Soul (1963)
  • Wayne Shorter ‎– Schizophrenia (1969)

Coffee, Smoke, Jazz

Stanley Cup and NBA Playoffs done; stronger focus on music.  I gave the Horace Silver and Dexter Gordon lps a quick spin yesterday but today is the day.  Deep listening, immersed in liner notes, taking in as much as I can.  Blue Note is 80 years old; the learning never stops. Listen to the Spotify links below, they tell a helluva story


Big Mama Thornton ‎– In Europe (1966)
Big Maybelle ‎– “Gabbin’ Blues” And Other Big Hits (1968)

Each of these ladies would qualify as the perfect embodiment of what a blues belter would be.  Raw, primal and powerful; the roadmap for rock n’ roll. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Big Maybelle, check out the music link below and be amazed.  Big Mama’s down there as well but I figure she needs no introduction.


Al Jazzbo Collins ‎– A Lovely Bunch Of Al Jazzbo Collins And The Bandidos (1967)

The exact etymology of the word “Jazzbo” isn’t 100% clear, but it’s been attributed to legendary Bay area DJ Al Collins, nicknamed “Jazzbo” by others for his love of jazz music. 

During the entire beat poet period, Jazzbo Collins became the beat voice of 50s West Coast late night radio, often doing skits with jazz music playing in the background. It’s through his late night radio shows that many beats heard their jazz, It’s likely from there that the term “Jazzbo” began to be used by the beats, to describe a “cat” that loved jazz. That whole stereotype of the white guy with the beret and jazz pinch, seen in cartoons of the time and since? 
Jazzbo Collins. 
If you can transport yourself to the place and time while reading Kerouac, Ginsberg etc…, Jazzbo Collins would likely be playing on midnight radio, somewhere in 50s San Francisco.

Check out the link below. Jazzbo riffs on “Little Red Riding Hood”, beat style.


Al Jazzbo Collins – Goldilox & The Three Bears

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers

  • At The Cafe Bohemia Volume 2 (1956)

  • Meet You At The Jazz Corner Of The World (Volume 1) (1961)

Coffee, Smoke, Blakey
Double shot to rattle off the cobwebs of sleep. Music link below, if it’s your flavor. There are more jazz selections available If you scroll through the rest of the page, as well as many other genres.  Music links are always included in the comments section, for you to enjoy and discuss. 
Weekend! Let’s talk music!


Sonny Rollins

  • Volume 1 (1957)
  • Volume 2 (1957)

Anxiously awaiting the first 2 records of the Blue Note Anthology boxset to arrive.  Plenty of other great spins to keep me in that jazz pocket, including Sonny Rollins’ first 2 albums for Blue Note Records.  Monk, Blakey, Roach, Byrd, Paul Chambers, JJ Johsnon…the big guys are all here.  These 2 lps were recorded over 2 separate sessions at Van Gelder studios, Hackensack home to virtually every important jazz recording of the time.  
Has a documentary about Van Gelder Studios ever been made?  I’m thinking this Blue Note Anthology might present a great opportunity to absorb as much of Blue Note’s storied history as possible.  


Lee Morgan ‎– Vol. 3 (1957)

Coffee, Smoke, Jazz
Went record shopping yesterday. 2 dozen new treasures, half of which are jazz. Most of those were Impulse! titles, but I also dug up this excellent Lee Morgan lp, on Blue Note Records.  I haven’t received email notification yet but I’m super hyped for the upcoming VMP Blue Note Anthology, so I guess the pregame starts today. More jazz upcoming, click the link below and listen to Lee Morgan.