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NEW RELEASE  Nilüfer Yanya ‎– Miss Universe …


Nilüfer Yanya ‎– Miss Universe

2LP, Clear Vinyl

Out today.  Dreamy UK indie pop.  I like it, but the first spin didn’t contain anything that hooked me.  It’s well done but it sounds like a lot of other artists whose names I don’t remember either.  Pitchfork likes it, so you might too.  Give it a listen, let your ears be the judge.


Tom Zé ‎– Estudando O Samba (1976)2019 VMP rei…

Tom Zé ‎– Estudando O Samba (1976)
2019 VMP reissue (Ltd. 500), Mr. Bongo Records

This is unlike any samba record you’ll ever hear.  If John Cage and Captain Beefheart took a stab at completely deconstructing and rebuilding traditional Brasilian musical idioms, they wouldn’t sound nearly as good as “Estudando O Samba” 

David Byrne (Talking Heads) found this album during a trip to Brasil in ‘86.  The rather unique cover art is what drew him in. The liner notes describe it as “what looks like a coiled electric cable meandering its way around barbed wire” Byrne’s curiousity about this record led him to dig deeper, leading to a

Tom Zé compilation which introduced his music to a much wider audience.

Tom Zé was working at a relative’s auto garage before he was plucked from obscurity.  

Music. Is. AWESOME.


2 Minute Vinyl Review #13 | Led Zeppelin – The…

2 Minute Vinyl Review #13 | Led Zeppelin – The Jimmy Page Remasters:

I already had 80’s vinyl reissues of the Led Zeppelin catalog.  Are these Jimmy Page remasters REALLY that good? Good enough to make you buy the same record again?

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Coffee, Smoke, Petty

Coffee, Smoke, Petty

All 4+ hours, over 12 sides.  Need help getting over the hump.  Music is always there.
Happy Humpday, Vinyl Junkies.  Play your records, it’s time well spent.


Morbid Angel – Domination (1995)

Morbid Angel – Domination (1995)

Starting the week off hard. I’ve yet to replace most of my death metal cd collection, it’ll take awhile. The 2016 Rocktober reissue of this Florida Death Metal classic brings me one closer.  If you guys wanna suggest more bands or albums from the Florida DM scene, past or present, I’m all ears.  It’s gotta be on wax, vinyl matters.


Anthrax and I spent yesterday evening listenin…

Anthrax and I spent yesterday evening listening to the Jimmy Page remasters of the 2015 Led Zeppelin vinyl reissues.  We’re doing exactly the same thing right now, I dropped the needle on Zep III and he came right down.  These remasters are downright revelatory, almost to the point of disbelief for having missed it since now.  It’s like Michaelangelo  going back to the Sistine Chapel to remove the centuries of buildup, to reveal the purest essence of what was originally created. My mind is being blown right now, by music that’s soundtracked my entire life but sounds as exciting as the first time. I now realize why I loved Houses Of The Holy; it’s their funk album!  I believe these will keep me and furry dude busy for awhile


Led Zeppelin III
Houses Of The Holy 
In Through The Out Door

Coffee, Smoke, FNMIt’s been a very good moring…

Coffee, Smoke, FNM
It’s been a very good moring so far.  Where my Faith No More fans at?  Do any of you have these Rhino reissues (2015) or the MOV pressings?  I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Hit the comments, let’s talk music.


2 Minute Vinyl Review #12 | James Booker – The…

2 Minute Vinyl Review #12 | James Booker – The Lost Paramount Tapes (1973):

This here is the Louisiana gutbucket funk album you never knew about.
You can smell it. 

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James Booker – The Paramount Tapes (1973)First…

James Booker – The Paramount Tapes (1973)
First time on vinyl
VJQC Score: 99%
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This here is the Louisiana gutbucket funk album you never knew about.  I didn’t either, until it arrived in yesterday’s VMP box.  I have likely played it a half dozen times in succession, then realized what a funk BOMB song 1 of side 2 is.  Added to Spotify BBQ Playlist and proceeded to spontaneously record the next 2 Minute Vinyl review.  I don’t wanna write it, I wanna say it. About another half dozen spins of side 2 and here we are. Listen to the link below.  Song 1, side 2,”So Swell When You’re Well”.  You can smell it. And yes, that’s a whole lotta cowbell.

VJQC Score: 99%.  It sounds flawless, the booklet that comes with these VMP Classics records take the vinyl experience to another level. Copies of this reissue are also available at independent record shops, sans booklet.  If dirty New Orleans funk is your thing, oh boy….

See that absurdly large lava lamp?  I thought it was gonna be the same size as the green one when I ordered it online.  Meet Gargantua The Red. She is Spinal Tap perfect.

So Swell When You’re Well

Rifflord –  7 Cremation Ground / Meditation (…

Rifflord – 

7 Cremation Ground / Meditation (2018)

Propulsive space metal, with left turns at doom and blues and prog metal.  The Sabbath “Easter eggs” can be heard throughout both sides.  Amazing for some, derivative and unessecary for others. This is a most enjoyable spin, the groove is evident, mushrooms would pair nicely as a side dish. I have a feeling Rifflord’s best work is still ahead of them, preferably without Easter eggs.