VMP Anthology Vol.1 –  The Story Of Blue Note…

VMP Anthology Vol.1 – 

The Story Of Blue Note Records
#985/1000 Numbered Copies

  • Horace Silver ‎– Horace Silver Trio (1956)
  • Dexter Gordon – Dexter Calling (1961)
  • Lou Donaldson ‎– The Natural Soul (1963)
  • Wayne Shorter ‎– Schizophrenia (1969)

Coffee, Smoke, Jazz

Stanley Cup and NBA Playoffs done; stronger focus on music.  I gave the Horace Silver and Dexter Gordon lps a quick spin yesterday but today is the day.  Deep listening, immersed in liner notes, taking in as much as I can.  Blue Note is 80 years old; the learning never stops. Listen to the Spotify links below, they tell a helluva story