This Tim Maia album is doing me in.  It contai…

This Tim Maia album is doing me in.  It contains every amazing element of mid-70′s soul and funk, put through a tasty Brazilian strainer.  I’m hearing hints of Ohio Players, Gamble & Huff, Isaac Hayes, Barry White, Curtis Mayfield, Tom Jones…too much to mention.  Hearing these American musical ideas blended with Brazilian percussion is what’s messing with me.  If it wasn’t for the Brazilian aspects, I’d swear I heard every one of these songs on the American Top 40, during the AM days of the mid 70′s.
Spring is coming and then Summer so this one’s gonna get a whole bunch of spins, to boil down more new additions to the Summer Mixtape. Happy days ahead; it’s impossible to listen to Brazilan music without smiling from deep inside.  

I’d also like to note that Mr. Bongo does a downright amazing job with their vinyl reissues.  Besides being flawlessly curated, they clearly pay attention to the quality of their product.  The half dozen titles I have thus far have all crushed my VJQC standard.  This one’s no different, 97%,  a near flawless record. Buy with confidence, Mr. Bongo doesn’t mess around. 


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