Where the day takes you: I got a press release…

Where the day takes you: I got a press release at 10:50 this morning about Jazz Legend John Coltrane’s crumbling house in Dix Hills and how it was going to be designated as a National Treasure at an 11:30 press conference. The release went on to tell how he wrote “A Love Supreme” there and discussed the home studio he and his wife/fellow musician Alice Coltrane built in the basement—and how it was all going to be restored. I thought, “Man, that would have been a good story if they gave me ANY notice, especially since it’s 45 minutes away.” And then I jumped in my car anyway and made it in time. And it WILL be a good story.
#jazz #johncoltrane #dixhills #legendary #alovesupreme (at Dix Hills, New York)