Genesis ‎– Wind & WutheringATCO Records …

Genesis ‎– Wind & Wuthering
ATCO Records ‎– SD 36-144

Coffee, Smoke, Genesis.  Started last night, 4 sides of Lamb hasn’t satiated the urge to live in their world for awhile longer. This is the first post-Gabriel lp, still quite proggy and steeped in past language but songs like “Your Own Special Way” kinda led the way from there.  Still a few years before “Mama” and “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight” would happen. Wind & Wuthering is still a “prog” album, in terms of what I loosely consider to be prog rock.  I associate most of the post-Duke stuff with radio-Genesis. Then there’s Abacab… I’m guessing I’ll get there later.Genesis day is a good day, sounds like a plan.


Genesis – Wind & Wuthering [complete album]