Genesis ‎– Nursery CrymeCharisma ‎– 9211-105…

Genesis ‎– Nursery Cryme
Charisma ‎– 9211-1052, GRT Of Canada Ltd. ‎– 9211-1052
Vinyl LP, Gatefold
Released:1971 (1972 repress)

Since my mom passed, I’m finding that my old records are triggering a lot of old stuff.  Playing this Genesis stuff and pondering the meaning of life seems absurd, yet here I am.  Playing these records really hurts somehow, but I don’t know why.  The thing with music being an active soundtrack to life is that old songs bring back old life.  Can’t confirm with personal experience but my guess is that such an experience might not be possible with an album stream. The format is not conducive to deep listening, at least not for me.


Nursery Cryme – Genesis [Full Remastered Album] (1971)