Joshua Hedley ‎– Mr. JukeboxThird Man Record…

Joshua Hedley ‎– Mr. Jukebox
Third Man Records ‎– TMR-505
Released:20 Apr 2018

Sturgill Simpson.  Chris Stapleton.  Joshua Hedley! If you like what you think the album cover will sound like, “Mr. Jukebox”  is just about the safest “blind purchase” bet you can make.  I hear everything I love about Merle, Conway, Willie, Waylon and just about every mid-60s to early 70’s Outlaw Country record I own.   Instant classic even.  Seriously, just buy this as soon as you can.  If you’re not one for the first needledrop and need a taste first, the links below should help lay stake to your wallet. I’m ripping vinyl to mp3 for mixtape purposes as I spin this,  Summer 2018 requires these songs as their soundtrack.
Listen for yourself. Tell me if I’m wrong, then tell all your country-lovin’ friends just like I told you.  Tag them and tell them they NEED to listen to this, because they really do. Astonishingly good is what this is, that fabulous suit isn’t the only thing isn’t the only thing Mr. Joshua Hedley has going for him. I hope he’s touring cos’ if he is, I’m going.  


Joshua Hedley – I Never (Shed a Tear) [Official Video]