David Bowie ‎– Station To StationParlophone …

David Bowie ‎– Station To Station
Parlophone ‎– DB 74766
Vinyl, LP, Album, , Remastered, 180g
Released:1976 (2017 Reissue)

Coffee, Smoke, Bowie. First ever needle drop. Discovering classic catalog for the first time, decades after the fact?  Fucking AWESOME!  I am enjoying the album experience far more than the “greatest hits” radio carousel responsible for destroying my curiousity through overkill.  I’ve only learned of the “Berlin” albums rather recently, this is the first of the 3 I’ve had a chance to listen to, in its intended sequence and in its entirety.  Kym Skiles is a huge Bowie fanatic so I’m pretty sure it’ll lead to a whole lot of Bowie rabbit holes for future VJ shows.
Me? I’m happy to admit you can’t know it all, anyone who says they do is lying. I prefer to experience and learn and share, especially with those who know and love and understand better than I do.
Billy Fields, thank you for getting me started on my journey to Berlin.


David Bowie – Station to Station Full Album