Rising Storm – Calm Before…Remanant R…

Rising Storm – Calm Before…
Remanant Records, Sundazed LP 5550
Vinyl Lp, Yellow wax
1967 (Dec. 01 2017 Reissue)


I’ve been getting a very rapid refresher course on all things garage rock. Between Third Man and ORG Music and now Sundazed, the wealth of readily available knowledge and music is pretty amazing, for anyone wanting to dig for it. This is the obscure American psych garage rock album I never knew was essential.  All the necessary elements are present, including those aw-shucks pre-retro-Weezer 60s pop sensibilities.  Definitely worth digging into, bound to please those who who dig late 60’s garage psych the revival stuff.  I’ll likely read the liner notes and do a full review on this album, on next Saturday’s show.


The Rising Storm – The Rain Falls Down