For some reason, watching the Lifetime holiday movie, “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever,” became a holiday tradition in our house, despite it being one of the most despised TV movies of all-time (check its IMDB rating). It is what it is, but it’s not as bad as people say. Aubrey Plaza nails it as Grumpy’s voice and any film that wastes airtime with its bumbling idiot villains hilariously arguing who was the best Van Halen frontman—Sammy Hagar or Gary Cherone—clearly doesn’t care what you think. Neither singer appears on the picture disc soundtrack that our house’s biggest Grumpy Cat aficionado is holding here, but it’s a moderately decent LP/merch tie-in anyway.

Archive Quality 1968 UK first issue 12-track stereo LP on Blue Horizon with machine stamped A1/B1 matrices, housed in the original internal flipback front laminated gatefold picture sleeve with a golden ‘Stereo’ sticker on the back. The sleeve remains in a really nice condition with minimal wear, the labels have a few spindle marks and the vinyl has just a couple of light hairllne marks otherwise very clean. You will be unlikely to ever find a better copy than this!

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MOTORHEAD Motörhead. Vintage 1977 UK 17.5" x 11.5" promotional poster used to advertise Motorhead’s debut album, most likely in anticipation of its original 21 August 1977 release on Chiswick. The album’s iconic ‘war pig’ artwork sits boldly in the centre along with the WIK2 LP catalogue number, artist name logo at the top & ‘New Album Available’ text. The poster remains a stunning off white with no foxing or discolouring, tears or writing. There are some very light horizontal fold marks due to its size. The original ‘Motorbike Mary’ merchandise address is listed at the bottom. If a Motorhead collector can pin-point this as a promotional tool for the first 1000 copies of the album, then you have the earliest example of Joe Petagno’s iconic Snaggletooth image on printed paper, fresh from working with Led Zeppelin! Essential Morthead history.

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IRON MAIDEN Brave New World. Rare 2000 UK limited edition 10-track Double LP Picture Disc set, the twelfth studio album by the English heavy metal band, known for the return of Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith, featuring the singles TheWicker Man & Out Of The Silent Planet, glossy gatefold picture sleeve with artwork by Derek Riggs & Steve Stone, including lyric & credit printed inners. Although not sealed this example remains in fantastic condition showing minimal wear andvery little evidence of actually seeing a turntable. An outstanding copy of this now very rare and long out of print pressing.

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Gas Huffer “Janitors of Tomorrow” 1991. Empty Records. Grungy, garagey punk blues via Seattle, Janitors of Tomorrow is Gas Huffer’s debut album. It punches hard with a mix of crazed psychobilly (like “Nisqually,” “Dangerous Drifter” and “Lizard Hunt”), 60′s/70′s era power pop (“Going to Las Vegas,” “Robert”) and head-banging garage punk (“Shoe Factory,” “All That Guff” and “Love Comes Creeping”). 

For each of Gas Huffer’s albums (seven full-lengths; the band broke up in 2006), they included a comic book illustrating the lyrics but also fun stuff like mazes and cut-out masks of the band members. The comic books were drawn and written by the band: Matt Wright on vocals, Tom Price on guitar, Don Blackstone on bass and Joe Newton on drums who went on to become an art director for Rolling Stone magazine. 

Led Zeppelin albums given new life as Hot Wheels toy vans

From Loudersound.

Make Christmas great again by giving your loved one a die-cast toy van adorned by Led Zeppelin’s iconic album artwork

Hot Wheels Led Zeppelin Vans

(Image credit: Hot Wheels)

Led Zeppelin‘s iconic albums are being celebrated with the release of a series of Hot Wheels die-cast toy vans adorned with the band’s artwork.

The five-vehicle collection is described by the manufacturers as a “New Hot Wheels…

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Queen + Adam Lambert announce five extra London O2 Arena shows

From Planet Rock.

Due to huge demand, Queen + Adam Lambert have added five extra shows at London’s O2 Arena to their summer 2020 touring schedule.

Having completely sold out their previously announced first five shows, the band will play additional dates at the Greenwich venue on Monday 8th, Wednesday 17th, Thursday 18th, Saturday 20th & and Sunday 21st June 2020.

Queen + Adam Lambert will now be…

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Your weekly best of premium Christmas gift ideas including Catapilla, Help Yourself, Can and more

There’s nothing more satisfying than finding that one record you have been desperately searching for. The one that you have been saving for, waiting for the day it appears and you are ready to make it the centerpiece of your collection. Providing the best, valuable, and high quality records and memorabilia is what we have a passion for here, and it has been our mission since the start.


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R. I. P. Marie Fredriksson. Say what you want about simple pop songs and power ballads, but few could knock them out with such weight and assurance as Roxette in their prime. This one in particular, “It Must Have Been Love,” from the Pretty Woman soundtrack, is a keeper. It is a rock solid piece of craftsmanship, from the production to the lyrics to the song construction, but the glue holding it all together is Fredriksson’s voice—she sails right past ‘over the top,’ which is how a song like this works best. So long to an unheralded great. 

The White Stripes “There’s No Home For You Here” 2004. Third Man Records/XL Records. Today, December 10th, is Meg White’s 45th birthday (b. 1974). “There’s No Home For You Here” was the fourth single (released in the UK, where we picked up this 7″) from Elephant and is a big, dense crashing stomper upon which Meg thrashes the shit out of her drums. The single didn’t chart and according to Wiki, Jack White says about the song: “Our idea was to see how far we could go with an eight track recorder, and I think how far we went is too far.” The b-side has two tracks re-recorded live at Electric Lady Studios, the swampy punk blues “I Fought Piranhas” from The White Stripes and “Let’s Build a Home” from De Stijl, this live version even more raucous than the original (the Electric Lady Studio versions are blocked on the internet ☹️).