We ‘bout to place you in that 3 Feet of stew a…

We ‘bout to place you in that 3 Feet of stew again.

Various Artists – Chime Sharp | Self-released …

Various Artists – Chime Sharp | Self-released | 2017 | Black

The BlowFlys – “Funky” (Dash) – Yup, funky.

The BlowFlys – “Funky” (Dash) – Yup, funky.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion “Orange” 1994….

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion “Orange” 1994. Matador Records. I’m spinning my favorite JSBX album today because it’s Mr. Judah Bauer’s birthday (b. June 18th, 1971) (thanks to the excellent Pop Catastrophe for the exact date; memory is such a weird thing: I knew Judah’s birthday was in June and I can remember his and other friends’ phone numbers from the 1980′s but can’t remember if I saw a movie that came out last year). Here’s a picture of Judah from 1987:

Orange, JSBX’s third or fourth (depending upon how you count the first two releases from 1992) LP, is at times sparse, chaotic, funky, punk, bluesy but always amazing. The lead track, “Bellbottoms” swells with strings and a funked out groove before hitting the staccato’d “bellbottoms” anthem. The song inspired Edgar Wright to write the recent movie Baby Driver, the soundtrack to which was nominated for a Grammy (the song “Chase Me” in the movie is a remix of “Bellbottoms” by Danger Mouse featuring Run the Jewels and Big Boi). “Wright laid in his bedroom listening to the song on repeat, visualizing a car chase set to “Bellbottoms.” He also started coming up with the idea of a character: a getaway driver for a bank heist, who cannot do his job properly without the right music playing.” (IndieWire) “Ditch” is hip-shaking sexy and “Dang” has fantastic, crazed harmonica solo by Judah, matched by Jon Spencer’s insane theremin. The first of two excellent instrumentals on Orange comes next: “Very Rare” slows down the beat to a hypnotic beat overlayed with Spencer’s signature guitar twang. “Sweat” is iconic JSBX giving us the classic line “That’s the sweat of the Blues Explosion!” “Cowboy” is weirdly mangled country-western (not my favorite track on the album) but the title track “Orange” returns to the slinky JSBX groove (Spencer name-drops ‘Star Trek’ and manages to make even that sexy). Side B leads off with “Brenda” with Spencer singing longingly, just a little too high out his range, for a girl and her money. “Dissect” is thick with musical chaos and “Blues X Man” is a “12-bar back-country roadhouse blues and back-alley back-seat eros to Lower East Side boasting about the Blues Explosion’s musical virility. It begins sparse and skeletal before adding a female backing chorus and DJ turntablism, turning traditionalism upside down and scraping country and city down to their nubs in order to make everything bleed.” (Allmusic) “Full Grown” is balls-out insanity beginning with the line “Baby baby you sure like to fuck FUCK!” and “Flavor” is hilarious, name checking all the cities where the Blues Explosion is number one and the band gets Beck on the phone to croon out “flavor.” Orange concludes with my favorite JSBX track, the instrumental “Greyhound” which is monstrously awesome, best played at 11. 

Father John Misty ‎– God’s Favorite Cu…


Father John Misty ‎– God’s Favorite Customer
Sub Pop ‎– SP1245
Loser Edition, Purple Splatter
Released: 01 Jun 2018

So easy to dislike the persona, impossible to ignore just how extraordinary his art can be.  I’m likely not interested in seeing Father John Misty live, just like I’m not interested in hearing what he thinks about… anything.  The music tho…. His lyricism and phrasing is next level, the layers of instrumentation and arrangements are on par with Pet Sounds, Odyssey And Oracle, drug-era Beatles…you get the picture.  Give it the requisite 30 or 40 years, you’ll see. I’d take that bet, at least.
I can’t stand Father John Misty, but Josh Tillman’s got me listening to the same record, going on 4 hours now.  My feeling is he’d be perfectly fine with that, maybe even amused. His alter ego laughs at us all.


Father John Misty – “God’s Favorite Customer” [Full Album]

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste.&rd…

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

Dick’s Picks: Unearthing the hidden Bill Fay g…

Dick’s Picks: Unearthing the hidden Bill Fay gem, Time of the Last Persecution

After finding a copy in a recent collection here at, get to know the hidden Billy Fay gem, Time of the Last Persecution. 

Fay joined Deram in the late sixties, and released two albums in 1970 and 1971, respectively. Time of the Last Persecution was the second of these albums, but did not sell well, resulting in the label dropping him shortly after. For many years after, the album would…

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ENTER SHIKARI The Mindsweep – Hospitalised. Fu…

ENTER SHIKARI The Mindsweep – Hospitalised. Fully Autographed 12-track remix Double LP pressed on Audiophile quality 180 Gram Heavyweight Vinyl Orange Vinyl, spot lacquered picture sleeve withcredits insert & download code card. The sleeve has been boldly signed by Chris Batten, Rou Reynolds, Rob Rolfe and Rory Clewlow across the front in a black marker pen.

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THE MUPPETS Muppet Show Music Album. Scarce 19…

THE MUPPETS Muppet Show Music Album. Scarce 1979 UK 20-track LP featuring the combined talents of Miss Piggy, Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Dr Teeth & The Electric Mayhem & more. The glossy picture sleeve displays minimal wear and the vinyl shows little signs of play.

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